By imsad - 06/11/2009 22:26 - United States

Today, my younger brother decided it would be fun to slam a door on my hand while I was holding my brand new $200 cell phone that I got for my birthday. Nothing says Happy Birthday like a broken phone to go along with a broken hand. FML
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Rhaegar 0

Your brother is a big douche.

perdix 29

Tell all the girls he's a bedwetter. Your hand will be fixed much sooner than his ability to date.


Rhaegar 0

Your brother is a big douche.

smash his xbox and kick his ass

Sun_Kissed18 25

He's younger, I assume by a lot but still that sucks

Reyo 2

I'm sorry, but if your parents didn't kick his douchey ittle ass, they're horrible parents. There's letting him get away with something like coloring on the wall...and then there's letting him get away with causing physical harm and destruction of property. Hopefully he'll get what he deserves, and that you're ok. It wasn't the new iGlass was it?

cowgod 0

nothing says revenge like a good kick in the face... make it two, another one for the phone

You idiots do realize that "decided it would be fun" is an expression. Most likely the OP is saying the little brother happened to do it, not that he purposefully shut her hand in the door. Can you even think of the logistics for that to happen?

I hope you got your phone insured.

ydi for leaving yoour hand in the door where he could slam the door

TomMower 0

Really? You are such a douchebag

Ninjasaurus18 9

That's like saying 'YDI for crossing the street without being a phsycic to know that a large gasoline truck with a drunk driver will hit you, while you're in a crosswalk.' Dumbass-__-

you should slam his head in the door. little brothers are the worst.

I like my younger brother. But he should still smash the brother's face in.

perdix 29

Tell all the girls he's a bedwetter. Your hand will be fixed much sooner than his ability to date.

shut the fck up perdix

perdix 29

Oh, you showed me! Leaving the 'u' out of "****" was the best part of your comment.

Perdix Im tired of your clever comments, you put to much thought into each and everyone. This site was made for juvenile comments and hypocrism. If you agree with me thumbs me up and thumbs perdix down. Together we will unite as one against perdix and thoughtfulness

what the **** does fck mean?

marshmallowmouse 0

unity? here? really? It's about hand-slamming, not limits on intelligence. XD

I completely agree, just one question... What the hell is hypocrism??? Hello, its called HYPOCRITICISM. Sorry, but learn to spell at least a tiny bit better than a first grader.

Actually, it would be "hypocrisy," not "hypocriticism." Hypocriticism isn't a word. Perhaps you should learn that before you correct someone.

Oh, and it should be "it's," not "its." Just so you know.

Mercy, ditto! I couldn't say that better myself :>

Canteloupe 0

The_Pleb, shut the **** up. Don't be jealous that other people can spell and use proper grammar just because you can't. :)

scrubsfan99 0

Is this a grammar Nazi convention?

hijueputa 0

Agreed, thumbs up to you Pleb and thumbs down to perdix. Fuck all the other fucknuggets here. Ignore mercy, she's pissed off that she didn't get to nosh her dad's knob.

strananabomb 0

"Nazi" Is the worst he has to worry about, they bash that into your head practically every year in History class. The "real" worry is that he's on in the first place XP

He was right, it IS funny.

Your little brother is a freaking psycho. Honestly, nobody breaks his sister's hand and phone for fun.

Turnip_Girl 0

There is something very wrong with your brother. @_@

wearinsexypants 0

again with the people whining about how easily their super expensive phones break. cheap phones are way better, because they know the people who get them won't take any crap so they make them better. If you are willing to shell out big bucks for a phone, you're probably willing to do it again and again. therefore they get shit tons of money out of you by making a fragile, yet highly technologially advanced, piece of shit.

$200 dollars for a phone is actually not that much

MermaidSongXOXO 6

He suspected that you were an alien and that your $200 cell phone (probably very fancy looking) was some sort of communication device to call the Mothership. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me ;] *Just kidding, that sucks. I couldn't think of a relevant comment*