By MyUsernameisEpic - 28/01/2015 01:32 - United States - Winter Park

Today, I was talking to a girl. It was going pretty well until she said, "LOL." What's so bad about that? We weren't texting. FML
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Okay, so this is my FML. The girl is 15, and we have classes together in school. I didn't really mind that she said it, but it was funny. That's why I decided to share it on here, and it actually got posted! Anyway, back to the story. We were talking in class about something and I made a joke and she started giggling and then, she said, "LOL!" Like, "el-oh-el". Also, I should mention that I wasn't flirting with her or anything. I'm not pursuing a relationship with her, but if I was, I wouldn't completely freak out and change my mind because she said lol. That'd make me a judgmental prick. That'd be pretty screwed up of me. Lastly, I'd like to say that I am friends with her, and just because she said lol, that doesn't mean I think she's stupid or anything.

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$100 says she didn't even crack a smile.

OMG! Like WTF! Who even does that?


Maybe it just slipped out. Either way, I think you made the right choice. I hate people who do that.

it makes me cringe too. but I agree, it's not so bad if it just slipped.. as long as she doesnt do it constantly

If she was nervous then it could be an accident. Even if it isn't, if shes a nice person does it really matter?

In Spanish we use it, not much, but it's acceptable.

I think people who say hashtag are more annoying

Unless she used it sarcastically that is annoying.

I do this :(

$100 says she didn't even crack a smile.

At least she didn't say "cray" or "smexy" ... In my eyes these always make a 10 go down to a 3 :(

What's wrong with smexy? I never used it to describe guys. But if I see a seriously awesome car. Sexy just isn't enough. It's smexxxy.

That is a horrible way to describe a car.

That's a horrible way to describe anything. To me, smexy makes me think of 6th graders trying to be cool.

You might as well just say "swag" then. "That is a swag car." You sound just as stupid either way.

I hear ya, #4. Pretty isn't enough to make up for stupid.

I didn't realize smexy was still a thing I haven't heard that term used in at least 6-7 years.

OMG! Like WTF! Who even does that?

OP is implying that the girl is a dim wit see "inbreds..". Most probably a blonde I would assume

I am blonde and have 2 uni degrees with honours. Being blonde sir DOES NOT make a woman dumb.

Maybe just

#11 OP is not implying that and you seem so negative.

#20: Just curious, but what did you study?

Archaeology and paleontology. Watched too much Indiana Jones and Jurrasic Park as a kid.

I'm about to turn 18 in 5 months. Should I be ashamed if I do this a lot? ?

bullet dodged. I just wonder how old she was...

How old was she?

Ikr I hate it when people use Internet talk irl

Should have replied with a hashtag#

not that bad she just feels comfortable doing that around you probably