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  Suaria  |  37

Women don't become lesbians because they aren't satisfied by men. Women who are lesbians have always been lesbian. It sounds like his wives are bisexual.

By  PineappleOfMyEye  |  6

Is your name Ross Geller by chance?

By  mssileas  |  25

Wow, that's f*cked up - I don't know how old your kids are, but I don't think they're to blame. Judging from friends' experiences with one cheating parent, that's a really shitty situation for them. If they're young, they might not even understand the significance of cheating, mom could have told them she has a secret friend over and kids don't second-guess this then. If they are old enough, that puts them in an even worse spot, because ratting out their mom destroys their home life too, not doing it is making them feel guilty for keeping you in the dark.

But I understand you'd feel betrayed from all sides. Hopefully you can make a clean cut and leave both those whacko women to themselves.