By aerythia - 08/12/2012 16:12 - United States - Nashville

Today, it's my birthday and my ex husband texted me at midnight to tell happy birthday. Too bad he couldn't have texted my new husband to remind him. FML
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not gonna lie, so does your comment.

Not gonna lie, that burrito I ate last night isn't sitting well.

Not gonna lie, fast food should be called gut lube.

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Looks like you might have made the wrong decision

Not gonna lie, I hate bacon. ...... Guess what? I LIED!

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Not gonna lie. This comment thread is funny XD

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Not gonna lie, I think a trend is forming.

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Not gonna lie. The above statement is false.

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Not gonna lie djdkkkkkkkkduhhdhhhhvvvvvvsgda I love my cat

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Not gonna lie. Still funny :)

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Not gonna lie I want in on this thread.

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If OP isn't to late she can can make a wish to have her ex back.

Well c'mon, there's gotta be more to it than remembering birthdays right? Lol I barely remember anyone's birthday ;)

I remember my boyfriend's, friends', ex boyfriend's, and my family's birthday. They're kind of important.

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20- I don't think it goes to the point of divorce... I mean, it sucks that he didn't remember, but it's a bit too harsh.. Imagine if all that a woman looked for in a man was "date-rememberence"... "Oh my god, Dave remembered today was monster-weenie monday... *pictures Dave marrying her*"

56. you mean they aren't?! I must be living under a rock.

Ouch, that's rough OP. If it helps then some people are just bad at remembering dates :)

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Truthfully, I suck at remembering things... But even I make the effort to remember the birthday of someone special to me...

Yeah, but it's has been 17 years and I still can't remember my parents' or my brother's birthdates. I can remember my cat's though!

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Guys are terrible with birthdays. Just because he forgot doesn't make him a bad guy. Your ex-husband is an 'ex' for a reason :)

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My boyfriend remembers my birthday. So yeah.

14- that's what she was saying. When she said just cause he forgot, she was referring to the current husband, and then added that the ex (even though he remembered and the current didn't) was an ex for a reason. She didn't mean that the ex forgot and is now why he's an ex.

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14- *repeats what everyone else said* Quick, someone else come point out 14's mistake. 3 times isn't enough!

Gladly 36. *points out 14s mistake and laughs.* :)

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Ouch! Need some cream for that BURN 14 :D

36 - Well, alright. If you insist. 14, before you tell people to read more carefully, might I suggest you do the same?

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Maybe your husband is pretending he doesn't remember and actually has a surprise for you later today. Happy Birthday, OP! =)

If that's true, then how would the husband have gotten the ex's phone away to text her happy birthday?

Although I appreciate the fact that you like Zelda....what the hell did you just say?

Mabie her ex husband was just saying happy birthday? idk just a thought

Good god, midnalink, you need to work on your reading and comprehension skills.

Midnight birthday texts are overrated. Either your husband was awake with you, or y'all were both asleep. Either way...

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I will rip your balls out and stuff them down your throat if i hear that kind of talk from you again good sir!

You cant just dump a husband for forgetting a bday. I'm guessing you're not married.

I think by saying "dump", they were referring to pooping.

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Oh, didn't take long for one of the Dump Him/Her clan to show up. I'm surprised y'all didn't hit before the 5th comment!

I was satirizing the dump-clan. Many times people comment saying to dump for some trivial thing. I'm making fun of the stereotypical "dump her" or "dump him" comment on any FML including harm done by a significant other.

See if your husband remembers.... If not tell him there was someone who did. That'll get his attention