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20- I don't think it goes to the point of divorce... I mean, it sucks that he didn't remember, but it's a bit too harsh.. Imagine if all that a woman looked for in a man was "date-rememberence"...

"Oh my god, Dave remembered today was monster-weenie monday... *pictures Dave marrying her*"

  goose12321  |  11

14- that's what she was saying.
When she said just cause he forgot, she was referring to the current husband, and then added that the ex (even though he remembered and the current didn't) was an ex for a reason. She didn't mean that the ex forgot and is now why he's an ex.

  djgoreo  |  12

I was satirizing the dump-clan. Many times people comment saying to dump for some trivial thing. I'm making fun of the stereotypical "dump her" or "dump him" comment on any FML including harm done by a significant other.