By SingleStrongArm - Canada - Oshawa
Today, marks the third week in which my girlfriend has gone without taking a shower. She does this every so often, taking showers roughly once per month. She's convinced baby wipes will "hold her over". FML
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  EpicSquishii  |  21

Forget about "looks like"!
Smells/tastes like is probably the scariest issue. There's only so much a baby wipe can do.
Ugh. Women can be so disturbingly gross sometimes. Please consider, OP, how she treats herself before you decide on procreating.
They'll probably look like those poor souls in the "Feed a third world baby" commercials.
Flies buzzing around the bum comes to mind.
And oh so many diaper rashes :'(

  fdupagain  |  11

Yeah because no mother out their takes better care of their kids then themselves. Im guessing she didn't go out to buy baby wipes just to skip showers. She probably has at least one kid, and maybe, just maybe, she doesn't get to shower as much as she'd like BC she puts all of her energy into kids, work, and a whiny boyfriend.

  MDTeddy  |  13

In what way does Op deserve it? Who the hell clicks that button when it clearly isn't Op's fault? Maybe they found a loophole and decided it was his fault. Really? Anyway, I would never be with someone if they didn't shower or at least not be able to stand it.

  chosha_fml  |  25

#116 Maybe they are thinking that he's been with her a long time (long enough to know her showering habits over months) and thinking that if he's chosen to stay he's accepting his situation and not doing anything to change it. He's not to blame for her lack of hygiene, but he is choosing to put up with it.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

I'm pretty sure he's gone that route.
OP-"Babe please get in the shower."
Pig GF- "No! I'm fine. Baby wipes are better than showers, they get all the crevices"
OP *sags shoulders in defeat*
Think of the crevices, OP!


If he cares he should sit her down and explain why it's important to be more hygienic. It's unhealthy the way she's living, and honestly I wouldn't dump someone and leave some other poor sap to deal with their stench. Couples are supposed to help each other, right?

  littlemoon23  |  7

Was just about to point that out #50. I have a friend who doesn't shower often and it's because he was molested while he was in the shower many times as a child. It's sad, but that is how the world is.

  Zimmington  |  21

Very possible, I didn't think of that. Wouldn't be the first time a woman tried to avoid confrontation. But OP Saud she does this "every so often" so I'm guessing she's just like that.

By  your_ma  |  27

That is super disgusting, never mind sex even being in the same room with her must be pretty unpleasant. I think this may be one of the very few times an ultimatum is totally acceptable and justified..

By  ant1078  |  7

You should get her the mother of all wipes... The Shamwow, can be used on anything including coke(not the white stuff) spills, cleaning cars, counters and occasionally, your stanky girlfriend!

By  RecklessJellyBea  |  7

Well. I would have hoped you've been holding out on her considering her state of hygiene. I can't imagine what it's like down there. I'd suggest giving her an ultimatum, because honestly, that's a bit disgusting and since you have obvious issues with it, maybe you two aren't cut out for eachother.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

You laughed before you understood the post? That's indicative of Dumb-Blonde syndrome. DBS for short.
I specialize in DBS cases, here's my card. Call, and we'll discuss whether or not your insurance covers treatment.
*hands over card*
No, tllom! You don't chew on it!

  EpicSquishii  |  21

114- Fail.
My 'stache incites rage and envy in hairless peons like yourself. I couldn't be a pedophile, as children can't handle the manly, mustachioed manliness that is me. Only REAL men can take the 'stache
Also, if you're going to steal my joke, at least add something funny to it?

  EpicSquishii  |  21


Then, of course, your question should not have been "What", but "Why."
I stand by my previous statement and am still offering treatment. It's a long and arduous task, but if I can save just one person...