By birthdayfail - 24/05/2011 07:55

Today, it's my birthday. At my workplace, we always get a cake for whoever's birthday it is. They somehow forgot about me. I've been working there for a year, and my grandparents and my dad own the restaurant I work at. FML
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Stand on a table and start singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. That might inform them.

Don't worry. the cake is a lie.


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Or maybe there was a stripper in the cake they ordered.

Can you say, "disowned"? hah

Cake is overrated.

i hate cake. but dont get down OP! celebrate on your own! or they might surprise you later.

Maybe you just need to find a new job and maybe another family your own family!

do people let something like this ruin their day? I mean really? is this really worth saying "my life is terrible, f*** my life." like seriously who cares.

They didn't forget. You are more special than the rest of the employees so they wanted you to have a different experience!

38... aww that's a sweet way to look at it :)..

48- I'm assuming u meant me. Don't worry I'll pretend to forget your bday too if u want. 'pretend' :p

54.. haha yea I was talking to you :D..

1 that's unnecisarily harsh.

y does everyone dislike the cute girls

op your an idiot. its only cake... stop crying and see how other people celebrate birthdays.. they dont have a party or cake or even presents. theyre just happy to be alive and live a happy lifestyle. grow the f&)k up....

they probably didn't feel obligated to do so since your family. did they do anything for you that day. I'm pretty sure they did

My boss didnt show up today... I'm going home!

I agree and if they haven't done anything yet maybe they are going to throw you a party or so thing later. Something to think about, if it's a family business; do they (your family) have a cake made for their birthday. If not maybe you're just being treated like they treat themselves. "grow up"

Stand on a table and start singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. That might inform them.

That she demands attention?

And two weeks later they remember the birthday of the guy who cleans up the tables. He hasn't even been here for a full month.

Bring in your own cake and don't share it!!


Ditto all of the above!

Don't worry. the cake is a lie.

good things come to those who don't say anything. my dad forgot my birthday for a month & he got me an omega seamaster when he remembered.

they probably had something else planned for later ! dont think too much into it OP.