By birthdayfail - 24/05/2011 07:55

Today, it's my birthday. At my workplace, we always get a cake for whoever's birthday it is. They somehow forgot about me. I've been working there for a year, and my grandparents and my dad own the restaurant I work at. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Stand on a table and start singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. That might inform them.


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Or maybe there was a stripper in the cake they ordered.

AlwaySunny 0

Can you say, "disowned"? hah

staceysgenesis16 0

i hate cake. but dont get down OP! celebrate on your own! or they might surprise you later.

PurpleRae420 0

Maybe you just need to find a new job and maybe another family your own family!

do people let something like this ruin their day? I mean really? is this really worth saying "my life is terrible, f*** my life." like seriously who cares.

juicedboi 7

They didn't forget. You are more special than the rest of the employees so they wanted you to have a different experience!

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38... aww that's a sweet way to look at it :)..

juicedboi 7

48- I'm assuming u meant me. Don't worry I'll pretend to forget your bday too if u want. 'pretend' :p

robotiick 12

y does everyone dislike the cute girls

FlavaMash 1

op your an idiot. its only cake... stop crying and see how other people celebrate birthdays.. they dont have a party or cake or even presents. theyre just happy to be alive and live a happy lifestyle. grow the f&)k up....

they probably didn't feel obligated to do so since your family. did they do anything for you that day. I'm pretty sure they did

ivanoff 0

My boss didnt show up today... I'm going home!

I agree and if they haven't done anything yet maybe they are going to throw you a party or so thing later. Something to think about, if it's a family business; do they (your family) have a cake made for their birthday. If not maybe you're just being treated like they treat themselves. "grow up"

iAmScrubs 19

Stand on a table and start singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. That might inform them.

Zombieslayer1 0

And two weeks later they remember the birthday of the guy who cleans up the tables. He hasn't even been here for a full month.

thebestof1984 0

Bring in your own cake and don't share it!!

good things come to those who don't say anything. my dad forgot my birthday for a month & he got me an omega seamaster when he remembered.

they probably had something else planned for later ! dont think too much into it OP.