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Today, it's my 30th birthday. My husband came home with a big case of beer for himself, then told me he didn't have time to get me a present because of work. FML
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Oh, yeah, when I was employed as a Selfish Prick, it made gift giving extremely difficult. The pay wasn't even that good.

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So rude of him!!! You should hide his beer for revenge >:)


that's so rude of him. if I were you I would give him the silent treatment

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@1 The silent treatment only drives a wedge between you and your partner.

Drink his beer then tickle him until he explodes.

lol why is a comment with -6 votes on top comment?

Honestly, what does the silent treatment do? Does it resolve the problem? Does it make the situation better than it is?

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I might make the guilty person feel, well, guilty. And try to fix it. For most though, it will just piss them off for being a child.

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*chants* steal his beer, lock the doors, iits a birthday movie marathon! *chants*

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Honestly, that's so selfish. You deserve better.

What do you base that on? Do you personally know OP to know that she deserves better? Maybe her husband literally *is* working a lot, and likes to have a couple of beers after work? Maybe he works shit hours, or long hours? Maybe the preference would be to spend a whole day shopping for her, to get a nice present, and he doesn't have that time. She mentioned he bought a case of beer, but didnt have TIME to get her a present. Maybe the liquor store is right next to his work, and is super convenient. If he bought home a case of beer, and said "I don't have the money to buy you a present", then fine.. fml. There's a difference between time and money. I'll hardly even go into the reason we celebrate birthdays. All it means is you survived another trip around the sun. But maybe OP's husband surprises her with gifts, and nights out, on other days of the year. What makes a birthday so special? Maybe OP's husband is planning on a surprise dinner out at a restaurant when the two of them are free? Maybe it's booked? Maybe saying he "didnt have time" is a way hide the surprise? So... with the limited information we have... do you still think she deserves better? Or is that just a standard "fml comment"?

#33 you need to take a deep breath and an Internet break....

Not really #37 & #43. I just dont look at things only on face value. Mostly you need to ask more questions. You need to find out more information. Never just accept things as they are when there's information thats left unsaid..

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No one is going to put that much effort into finding out the context of an FML.

Celebrating someone's birthday is a nice thing to do for someone, 33, and you buy them a present because that's how birthdays go. On his, she'd do the same for him. We all get one. Are you an adult? Don't you know why birthdays are important to people? "But maybe she wouldn't and maybe he tried to get her a birthday present but aliens abducted him and he had to fight his way home and their only weakness is beer and--" Stop. He's a dude who, from the only information we're likely to get, didn't do anything for OP on the one day a year that should be about celebrating her existence, and instead gave a flimsy excuse. Her birthday present, on the one day in an entire year where he could have the appropriate opportunity and obligation to give it, was less important to him than beer he could buy on the other 364. That's just awful. If alcohol is so extremely paramount to either you or him that it makes sense to skip out on someone's birthday for it...maybe you need to reevaluate your relationship with it along with how you treat other people.

And for the record, I was busy on my fiancee's birthday this year until 9 pm with no way of getting out of it. Instead of coming home with excuses and booze, I just asked if she wanted to celebrate it on Wednesday instead.

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She was just saying that her boyfriend should have done something because maybe being another year older is "just one more trip around the sun" but it mattered to her and she wanted her boyfriend to show that he cared.

Honestly OP should just do the same

In all honesty surviving another full trip around the sun is something to celebrate. Nothing killed you in that whole year, I can bet more than a few things came close weather you know it or not. I've lost so many people over the years to everything from drunk drivers to cancer.. my birthday comes around and you can bet I'll be celebrating.

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So rude of him!!! You should hide his beer for revenge >:)

I would drink it all and then tell him he can pleasure himself from now on.

Grab the beer. "Thanks for my birthday gift."

Gather up the girls and go party, stuff him!

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If my husband did that to me, I'd just drink all his beer!

Yep. That case would automatically become my present.

When his birthday rolls around, buy yourself something and tell him the same thing. :)

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Tis not the goal though, a relationship shouldn't be spiteful.

Oh, yeah, when I was employed as a Selfish Prick, it made gift giving extremely difficult. The pay wasn't even that good.

Oh, and I'd be willing to bet the benefits were terrible as well

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Just drink his beer. What an ass.

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That sucks OP, sit down and talk with him, and if he still doesn't admit he's wrong, then ignore his next birthday?