By auto boogie man - United States - New York
Today, at school, I was asked to play a complex piano piece in front of my class, teachers and guests. I nailed it, but what stood out most for everyone was how I apparently looked like I was being possessed while performing. FML
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By  threer  |  30

Oh well. It might be embarrassing now but as long as you did well, you should be proud!

By  derpina72  |  23

Tell them to do the piece next time. They shouldn't be so focused on how you looked! Sorry OP, I bet you sounded great. People are always looking for something wrong!

By  arano  |  29

A real musician is possessed by the music itself. Just shows that you out a little more emotion into your playing than others. Definitely not a bad thing, OP. Good job on nailing that song.