By ertyo - Romania - Oradea
Today, it's Christmas Eve. I was the happiest ever realizing that all the bills are paid, all the presents are bought, all the food is ready, and I still have some money left. This my biggest accomplishment so far as a young adult. Until I realized I don't have a tree. Adulting is hard. FML
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By  Tripartita  |  44

If it's any consolation, the one part you forgot is the most nonsensical one. "Hey, adult friends, lets go hang decorations on a pine tree. Then we can bedazzle a raspberry bush and put lipstick on a fern!"

  ertyo  |  8

that's exactly the reason i forgot it. it's not really important to me, but i made a dyi tree-shaped thing on the wall, with transparent duct tape and decorations. took me 10 minutes, it's green, no tree cutting, no cleaning when it starts to shred, not really traditional but eh, guests only care about the food and presents anyway.

By  cootiequeen4444  |  11

go find a ever green branch outside and make a rockin' Charlie Brown xmas tree and make that a running joke during your party (nostalgia for Everyone! Oh maybe even nab the Charlie Brown Christmas CD or download it and play that!). Or if you live in the desert, get a Christmas cactus. doesn't involve or need too much decorating as the base would be not only smaller than a fir, but it would also be enough of a conversation piece as is even just sparsely decorated. (edit: re-read the fml, okay maybe there is no party involved? I don't see why it matters having a tree or not then?)