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Today, I decided to treat my yeast infection over the counter to avoid going to the doctor. Too bad I didn't read the directions. Now I have to go to the doctor to get the tip of the applicator removed. FML
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You deserve it for arbitrarily cramming things in there. You're fortunate it's just an applicator.

Your ****** must be huge if you've been given directions. Most people just get instructions.


You deserve it for arbitrarily cramming things in there. You're fortunate it's just an applicator.

I don't even know how it could happen! Idk how the applicator could get up there....I mean, seriously. The OP has to have never used a tampon before to not understand the logistics. And the pill looking thingy dissolves.....

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I don't get it either, the applicator is very long, how the hell would you get it stuck in there? Have you never used tampons? Would you leave that applicator in there too? I hope you never have to use a rectal thermometer.

Guys, the tip broke off, or there was a tip you had to remove and she didn't remove it. The applicator isn't in there, just the tip. I'm really surprised at how many people didn't actually READ the anecdote.

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She just needs her boyfriend to go diving for the tip

Even it the tip broke off, you can still get it out

Grapefruit, it is safe to assume that it didn't break off. The OP said it was too bad she didn't read the instructions. That would lead everyone to believe that it was her fault. Also, I've never known an applicator to have a tip that could be removed. As the comment above me says, she should still be able to get it out...unless it's tiny.

I agree, that's just weird. And the ****** is only four inches long, where on earth did it get stuck?

How the hell did you manage to do that? Seriously, I really think this must be fake. I've used the OTC stuff before and I still have no clue how that would happen...

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Why was this comment moderated? I saw it when it was first posted and there was nothing bad in it. She was just saying that she thought the FML was fake.

It's in the rules that you can't call fake. It apparently "ruins it for everyone else"

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That's really really dumb; because some of these are very obviously fake! Stupidity.

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Ok, I'm sure it was just said in that way to add the shock factor/ridiculousness effect or whatever; but it sounds like the OP typed this FML with the applicator still lodged in her vag. "I now have to go to the doctor to get the applicator removed...but not before i awkwardly squat uncomfortable in my computer chair to let the world know of my stupidity over the internet".

We're lenient with these things. If you just call fake without bothering to give any reason or explanation for why you think it's fake, then chances are good the comment will be moderated. In this case, I don't see why #2's comment was moderated, so I've restored it :)

how would you get a yeast infection? what are the sighns of it?

Nothing beats sourdough bread that employs the leavening agents found in a ******.

That is what WebMD is for. And to everyone saying that you have to have instructions for anything that goes in your vag... I'd like to see the instructions for a penis. Just saying.

Some guys could probably use the instructions. And women the world round would be thankful. But seriously...most things that are internal need instructions. And considering how many blood vessels run through vaginal walls, a lot of substances can be absorbed into the body that way. So most applicators, tampons, pills, et cetera have specific instructions. Mostly for cleanliness, but I guess...also so things don't get stuck?

The little yeast beasties always live in ******'s because they like warm moist places. But usually, they can't grow and reproduce so much because the mild acid fluid from the ****** stops them. But when a woman gets sperm in her ******, or when she has her period, or when she uses soap to wash it, the natural fluid loses its mild acidity. So then, the yeast can grown and reproduce until there are lots of little yeast beasties living there and they cause an infection. So basically, any woman can get it. The infection causes foul smelling vaginal fluid wich can look yellowish and crumbly. And it causes a really bad itch.

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ewww you didn't have to tell us yuck that nasty

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Well that's what you get for not reading the directions. xD

Um...You have to go to the doctor to get it removed? How deep is ur ******?

YDI for having a fat one. Sex with you must be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

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That comment was from me, someone just changed it to make it sound nicer. I refred to her ****** as a cave. They even kept my birthday the same on the fake profile. Wow.

What do you call a bunch of blondes with yeast infections? A wine and cheese party!