By pvcnutcrackingdomqueen4u - 16/08/2015 16:18 - United States - Monmouth Junction

Today, I went on a blind date. People always joke about how horrible Axe is, but this guy sprayed it on so thick that I genuinely had to fight to not retch the entire time. It was so bad that at one point I thought I was going to pass out. FML
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karcummings 19

you could say he was an.. axe murderer. haha..


CliffyB03 28

Any amount of Axe is too much Axe

Unfortunately, some guys treat Axe as if it's cologne, when in reality it's FAR from that. Sorry you had to go through that, OP!

Deodorant (not a very good one though) #28

#28, it is a can of Satan's ball sweat.

Some people treat it like its some kind of miracle shower in a can.

I blame those ads that make it seem like women will instantly jump on you if you spray that crap on your self.

If that's the worst part about this blind date, it sounds like a win!

I have a similar experience everyday in one of my classes. I'm not sure exactly who it's coming from but when I do, I'm confiscating his Axe!!!!

corky1992 33

I love the smell of Axe, but it definitely can be strong and some guys over do it.

MasterTron 24

It's a shower in a can for some guys.

karcummings 19

you could say he was an.. axe murderer. haha..

In our lockeroom that's what most of the guys use

Axe: boosting self confidence with misleading advertisement since 1990...