By stopstutteringforSiri / Sunday 5 January 2014 21:59 / United States
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Today, I was walking with a female friend when suddenly, my ex-girlfriend comes running down the street and says, "So, you're cheating on me with this slut, huh?!" We've been separated for a decade now. FML

By RipeFlame / Wednesday 14 January 2015 03:05 / United States - Pompano Beach

Today, my best friend, who I've had a crush on for over 2 years, and who I could describe as unattainable, asked me out on a date. It went great and ended with an amazing kiss. Then she texted that she thinks she actually likes girls. She's unattainable, alright. FML

By RipperoniPizza - / Thursday 22 March 2018 23:50 /
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