By damnit - 27/10/2008 09:08 - United States

Today, it appears that my girlfriend visited an internet web page called "How to confess to having an affair." FML
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ck12 0

Was leaving the browser open on that website one of the suggestions?

i think she just did...


ziqi92 0

point is: STOP CHEATING! fyl

lyklawlzzlindsay 0

i would probably look at that anyway even though i've never cheated on anyone, lol. so ydi for checking her history.

Dr_Pepper_fml 3

What #3 said. If you knew how to mind your own damn business you might not have ended up in this position.

yes, because it is totally OP's fault that his girlfriend may/may not be cheating on him,

helpmeiamblind 0

Wow, anyone who is upset with OP is retarded. OP, I feel for you. There is no YDI to this. FYL all the way. Sucks when you're with a stupid skank ho who feels that "privacy" is more important than loyalty. Like most of the assholes who commented here. You all deserve a good Dick-Slap to the face.

bubblybrooke 12

anyone care to think that she might have been trying to help a friend?

i would leave a search open with "my gf might be a slut"

isaiaha11 2


op: looks like she found a way

people who live together don't have to spy, they just use the same computer...

The makers of that website are geniuses!

VKJM_6 0

I think you should tell her you had an affair!!