By Stressed Mother - 18/03/2015 21:26 - United States - Piscataway

Today, after months of job hunting, I finally got a phone call. They were impressed with me. That's when my son decided to throw a tantrum asking for food. After some silence, the caller told me they were looking for someone who wasn't juggling little kids at home and hung up. My son is 20. FML
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Wow... Maybe you should get your son to work and pay the bills... AND FEED HIS GOD DAMN SELF.

trellz17 19

So everyone who works at that company has no small kids at home? Yeah right.


Wow... Maybe you should get your son to work and pay the bills... AND FEED HIS GOD DAMN SELF.

JMichael 25

That better not be meatloaf mom! For every slice of meatloaf I find, I shall kill you!

Iwannarock1 19

She's the problem, if she's letting him still live at home, at 20...

I'm almost 19 and I still live at home with my parents, as do my 23 year old sister and 26 year old brother. We're saving up money so that when we do move out, we have a good start. We all work full time, pay for our own cars and even buy our own food. Why should we move out when we're hardly there anyway? The time that I am at home, is when my mum would ask me to visit if I moved out. I have no reason to move out, plus it's incredibly expensive to move out where I live unless I moved to another area. Our work is close to home, too.

I've got a friend who still lives at home. The job market can be rough, but she would never behave like this guy. The fact that he's living at home isn't the problem, it's that he's a spoilt brat. OP doesn't need to tell him to buy his own food, OP needs to tell him to pay his own rent, somewhere else. I have no problem with people living at home late but OPs son has lost that privilege and needs to be tossed out on his butt.

buttcramp 21

the problem isn't that he lives at home, the problem is his behavior. You teach people how to treat you.. OP is at fault here.

#66 not really? some people prefer to live with their parents because they choose to focus on school without having to worry about rent and paying bills, and in fact to me, even as an 18 year old, I can say no one is a full adult at 18. Even with friends who have done this and done rather well, I still see moreso as kids really I pay my share of the rent, my insurance, and most of the groceries come from my paycheck as well. anyway OP, I'm extremely sorry to hear about your loss of luck. I really hope something better comes your way.

Become an adult I work 40 hours a week night shift and go to college in the day and I rent a house you can't be ready for being an adult you just become ready nothing prepares you for it

That sucks. Hope you find another job OP.

cheesy_wotsit 20

Your son is an arse. Get him to help pay the bills. I betcha he doesn't do it again!

Maybe your son should be the one getting the job!

Wow! maybe call back later and explain?

I think this is one of those cases where the true explanation is even worse than the misconception.

Goblin182 26

Let me explain. I don't have asmall child, my son is 20 years old. You rasied a son that is 20 years old and pitches a fit like a 5 year old. You are the perfect candidatefor this job.

She probably is. This way the CEOs can maintain they're delusional realities and can throw tantrums too!

It's time for that one to leave the nest.

trellz17 19

So everyone who works at that company has no small kids at home? Yeah right.

teach him manners that's 70s style..."foot up an ass" always works

martin8337 35

Or hit him in the head. That'll straighten him out.

haha red on that so 70s show cracked me up