By Offended - 19/02/2009 07:09 - United States

Today, in school my shoulder was killing me from a softball injury. I went to the nurse's office and asked "Can I have some ice?" They responded with "Why, what happened to your face?" FML
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littlec_fml 0

no the ice is for that burn she just gave you


That nurse has a PhD in ZINGOLOGY! ZING ZANG ZONG.

whattheeff 0

lmao@#3. thats really horrible though. :/

xxamanda 0

AHAHAHA iknow this was hilariouss... but i was completely shocked when she said it to me hahaha. & #10! thats true she is a school nurse... lmao

HOLLAcaust 0

Well? What DID happen to your face? ;D

MukyDaCookie 0

OMG hahahaha!! She was defineatly saving that line. Don't feel bad, she was probably joking. I say stuff like that all the time, though i'm not a nurse