By Anonymous - 03/04/2016 09:46 - United States - Oakland

Today, I found out the real reason my dad bought a new car and generously gave me his old one. He knew the engine was about to fail and didn't want it to be his problem when it finally did. It blew out while I was driving at high speed on the motorway. Just my luck. FML
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You could've got seriously injured like what was he thinking???

Dick move on his part. Least you walked away though.


that's rough. :( I hope no one was hurt!

Thing is, OP and others could have been killed or seriously hurt - and the father knew this - it is terrible.

That's not trolling, that is being a incredible bad father. Op could have died you know

Dick move on his part. Least you walked away though.

He would have had to walk away with a broken down car :D Sorry should I leave? I'm just going to leave...

Right idea, but a little weak on the delivery. Keep up the good work tho

That's not how insurance works unless you bought extra insurance to cover your repairs (more like an extended warranty than insurance tho).

well if he hit a car cause of it then it would

You could've got seriously injured like what was he thinking???

He was thinking, but only of himself. What a ******** of a father.

Seriously, it's hard to imagine that the dad wasn't intending to kill OP. If he wanted OP to deal with the engine problem he could have just told OP it needed to get fixed :/

@32 I highly doubt that the father actually intended to harm his son. He's probably just an idiot.

How would it kill him? His engine probably just slung a rod

At least, he gave it to you for free I guess, so you didn't lose much.

CheekyRaccoon 27

Your life for a shitty lemon of a car, seems worth it.

6, do you need assistance on finding the point of the FML? Because I think you missed it.

Are you ******* kidding me??? He knew you could've gotten seriously injured if the engine just blew, right? He's lucky it didn't just combust or something!

An engine doesn't just combust... The worst thing that could happen is that he has to pull over and slow down with the compartment on fire. Do you know how long it takes for a fire to spread from the engine compartment to the cab? More than two seconds like all of these people think.

I hope you're okay, OP! That's some seriously bad parenting on his part.

Engines don't usually just blow out of nowhere though, there's almost always some sign of failure. A knocking noise, pinging, rattle, low oil pressure, high temperature, etc.... Need to pay attention to your car, and get it checked if something seems out of the ordinary!

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I'm glad someone finally said it. You need to pay attention to the car. It speaks to you and tells you when something is wrong.

While I agree with these comments in general, we have no idea how long OP has had the car or how far he has driven it. He could've just gotten it and not known the cars regular noises, temp, etc.

Seriously. If someone close to me gave me a car, I would expect them to tell me what's wrong with it. If it was making a weird noise and I wasn't told about it, I might assume it's not a big deal because I wasn't told about it. (That's not necessarily true, I would personally ask about it immediately, but I wouldn't fault someone for not asking)

Damn calling your Dad a dick doesn't even give could've been hurt, glad you're okay OP!