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Today, I explained to my dad that I think I have a vaginal infection. I asked if he could take me to the doctor. He responded by saying, "Just shove some ice up there. It'll go away." FML
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Guess you will be making the appointment yourself and taking a taxi?

Ice? Wow..Maybe ask your mom? Or a close FEMALE relative?


kaykay20 0

Guess you will be making the appointment yourself and taking a taxi?

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That's such an ice thing he said to you. Take his advice

Your'e supposed to listen to your elders, but in tis case I don't reccomend it. Try talking to your mother?

Yea! Old Dads that know it all! FTW PS: My dads like that too. Ex"Dad I got shot!!!, Put some duct tape on it itll be ok."

My dad too.. "buy you a swimsuit? Can't you just rent one from the pool?"

Atleast OP's ****** will be cool, just like the dad!

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19~ I doubt she has a mother..

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She may not have a mother...

Wow he doesn't know anything does he, tell him to F off

Or.. He was just Saying No.. With a bit of humor..

If you would tell your father to **** off just for saying that, there is something really wrong with you. Learn some respect.

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I hate when people say that they disrespect family members, especially parents or guardians, just to sound hardcore. Stop being a disrespectful jackass.

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What did you expect? I wouldsay the same. That's a mother daughter comvo not father daughter...

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Yea, unless her parents are divorced or for some reason her mother isn't around anymore. It's possible she passed away or has serious health or mental problems preventing her from being in the girl's life. Don't be so quick to judge, 115.

Ice? Wow..Maybe ask your mom? Or a close FEMALE relative?

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Maybe they don't have a mom around and that's why she had to ask her dad...

I'm sure the OP has other females in her life, a relative, health nurse at school etc?

47.... they also stated female relative !!!!!

Or how about the dad just grows up, actually takes some parental responsibility and helps his child. She shouldn't have to ask a female relative, a difference in sex shouldn't matter. Helping your kid, no matter problem, even when it comes to intimate areas when you're the opposite sex, is a parent's job. You can't avoid situations just because it's slightly embarrassing and out of your comfort zone. If you choose to become a parent, you signed up for caring for them regardless of the issue. Also, if we stopped treating this stuff like it's embarrassing and something we shouldn't discuss with the opposite sex, the stigma around it would go away.

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Tell him that that only works for NOTHING.

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You just wanted to us the word ******...

I have yet found a reason to say penis so.. Here it goes. Penis!! Sorry, I had to.

judging by your screen name, I'd say it's a bladder infection. ask someone else to take you to the doctor. the only way to cure it is with antibiotics from the doctor.

Or it's a UTI. You're right, only antibiotics will cure those. Cranberry helps relieve the pain but won't cure it. (:

No a UTI isn't cured by cranberry juice. When you go to he doctors and get antibiotics, your doctor tells you the only thing you can drink is cranberry juice.

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If your pee is light and cloudy along with the pain it's more than likely a UTI.

UTIs certainly make it hurt to pee. Also tends to make you want to pee all the time although you should try not to as that makes the burning worse. I believe the pain from a UTI comes from the acid produced by the infecting bacteria. Some drinks, like orange juice, make that worse. Some, like cranberry and those sodium-citrate drinks you can buy, lower the acidity (increase pH) and relieve the symptoms but don't kill the bugs. If it's a burning pain and you feel like you need to pee a lot then you want some of those drinks in the meantime but they won't cure you. In any case, however, you do need to find your way to a doctor somehow. I'm afraid that if your mother can't help then you will have to convince Dad to take you seriously.

It could also be a yeast infection which you can treat with stuff you buy at the pharmacy. But nonetheless, I doubt every single person commenting on here is a doctor, myself included, so you should figure a way to get to the doctor.