By lsababy - 11/06/2013 18:46 - United States - Muskegon

Today, my boyfriend was extremely nervous to meet my parents but I made him do it anyway. One of the first things out of his mouth was, "I'm glad you had sex." When they gave him a look of shock, he added, "You know, when you made your daughter! She's awesome!" FML
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I agree, I probably I deserved it for making him go, but we've been dating for a year and a half and I figured it was way passed time. Haha! It was extremely awkward and my boyfriend I were both beet red in the face, but luckily my parents are awesome and know he was super nervous, so they just kinda changed the subject and pretended that was never said. My brother high fived him. And yes.. more like F his life.

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aleahlioness 15

Anything that ever happens could be worse, but thats still a horrible first impression.

At least he was quick to correct himself instead of being more awkward! I would take that as a compliment.

Sounds like a compliment to the parents. They should be proud

perdix 29

#1, "I'm glad you guys weren't into anal as much as you are now when you were trying to conceive her." That would be worse, so I guess you are right.

deepunder 17

Starting to feel weird since this doesn't seem very bad. I don't get why this is an FML. The Op even got complimented.

Probably is worse. Maybe op is adopted

Or he could have said "glad you didn't stop at oral" Adding on to the it could have been worst lines

aleahlioness 15

He could've said "I'm so glad you had sex.. I'm sure she's a screamer like your daughter. " Or he could have been extremely disrespectful, I mean.. Plenty of ways it could've been worse.

I feel like cool parents would think it was funny or at least know that he meant well lol

jaredofmo 22

I've actually seen this on Tumblr, people thanking Benedict Cumberbatch's parents for having unprotected sex.

ArielTheMermaid 17

If I had a daughter, I'd burst out laughing and welcome him right to the family. That's hilarious!

unknowndevil 6

Boyfriend: Oops, I'm sorry. I really should have stuck her foot in my mouth!

Well....not a bad way to break the ice I guess

As long as you don't end with 'she's awesome in bed!' I think you're still in the clear even if it made it a bit awkward. Oh well, funny stories to tell your friends.

alphatoomega 21

Er, it's OP's bf who said that, not OP.

you parents will be hawking that guy. the first thing out of his mouth I bet keeps a lot out of your mouth!

You just went full retard... Never go full retard

I agree! I also vote YDI for forcing him to meet them as nervous as he was. That was mean OP and you should have respected your boyfriend not being ready.