By negin - 22/03/2011 07:23

Today, my neighbors got a rooster. FML
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well when life gives u rooster u make fried chicken

FMLephant 2

Leave your neighbor's **** alone!


Sorry, didn't realize I'd be first. If I'd known, I'd thought of a little more content for my comment. We used to have roosters and they're not like always audible. Inside the house we generally weren't bothered by them.

crazykidd15 0

wow that... that is just unfortunate.

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

I like how short this fML is. :p

at least you'll get free ventured too close to the fence...:D :D :D

lol #2 xD plus have ever thought about getting a gun?

This reminds me of Spartacus: Once again the gods part cheecks to ram rooster in donkey! Or the famous: for Jupiter's rooster.

luke1998 0

i hate it i could barely click the freeken FML!

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don't get to close. roosters attack with pointy evil spurs!!!! D:

Grow up it's not like they are that loud. You'll get over it.

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wh-wh-well I never! nah-nah-now you see there son, that's a chicken-hawk!

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bahahaha 120! that was classic!!! :D

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I uh uh keep my feathers numbered in case of an emergency like this!!

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RIP Looney Toons:( you will be missed.

My highschool has had roosters in the middle of our courtyard that we have had to listen to for weeks. I feel your pain.

Try your neighbour getting a cockatoo, that 4 years later still screeches like it's dying all day every day. Then complain to me about your rooster

49- I've seen your playercard on Black Ops before :D

shoot that **** with a silenced Glock. Then hide the evidence by melting the Glock since it's made of plastic and only buy the one bullet for it. There you have it, a plan. But I guess if you don't want to spend so much money on a Glock and then destroy it you could borrow a friend's if they have one. Or sneak up to it and stab it with a bayonet. Or give it a bath with cyanide. I guess you could use a crossbow, but that would be too obvious. Unless you give everyone on the block a crossbow, so everyone is a subject with equal motives. Okay, I'm tired of giving you ideas.

roosters aren't that freaking bad! show some ****, grow some balls!

You know what's even worse than your neighbors buying a rooster? Your neighbors buying a rooster AND a chicken. :)

how does these shitty fmls get posted and mine doesn't?

It's because your submission sucked. Trust me, I read it and it didn't deserve to be published. See the unofficial FAQ for more information.

try sleeping in Mexico, everyone has at least 5.

TheDrifter 23

Depending on the day of the week. Chicken is much better fresh.

I have like ten roosters... it's not hard to sleep at all.

Ouch... I know how annoying roosters are. when I go over my friends house he has lots of birds and they're annoying so I see how u feel haha

may be annoying at first but look at it this way, you'll never be late for work. Or just buy ear plugs..

you_freak 7

And they make good "watch dogs" so to speak

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My neighbors have a retarded rooster (: he crows at like 1 in the afternoon.

Roosters don't crow only in the morning. They crow at 3am, at 9am, at 5pm and all times in between. You get used to it and eventually don't even hear it. Personally, I love it-but I raised my flock from babies and that is just what they are to me

Yeah, roosters only crowing at the crack of dawn is wrong. in fact that's when my roosters crow the least.

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well when life gives u rooster u make fried chicken

persianjr1 7

am I the only one on the iPhone who took 10 to click on this FML?

c8750 2

You commented in the wrong place but no, you're not the only one. it happened to me too

persianjr1 7

that verry next day u bought a shotgun.

I'm sensing you should buy a Chicken Hawk and then write a cartoon based on their hilarious hijinks

my2centsworth 15

Your life is definitely ******. You have my sympathy.


**** sake. Grow up my family used to have 2 they aren't that bad. Cry some more.

agreed.. I have one and it's not bad... OP- suck it up. :)

Why do you have one if it's bad at all?

dancingqueen5678 1

wow. not everybody got to grow up with a rooster... therefore not being used to them. maybe you should be a little nicer.

NineFishMffns_fml 0

dude my uncle had one and we freakin gave it away to someone when he asked us to finally sell it, not everyone lived on a farm or had roosters as pets, we preferred dogs..

maybe you guys have different roosters in the USA to South Africa but here, they are damn loud... I agree with 98.

It depends where the OP lives... if they're in the country I don't know if they can do anything... Maybe I'm a deep sleeper then.

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pussy roosters are bad ass man just for that Yur right **** your life wit a 21 inch dick!

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I have 4 roosters and 5 hens. and 11 baby chicks....I sleep just fine.

199- I'm a little worried about my health, because I actually understood what you said.

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You could try complaining to your town...