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  stevenmx86  |  7

Sorry, didn't realize I'd be first. If I'd known, I'd thought of a little more content for my comment. We used to have roosters and they're not like always audible. Inside the house we generally weren't bothered by them.

  powermad80  |  2

shoot that cock with a silenced Glock. Then hide the evidence by melting the Glock since it's made of plastic and only buy the one bullet for it. There you have it, a plan. But I guess if you don't want to spend so much money on a Glock and then destroy it you could borrow a friend's if they have one. Or sneak up to it and stab it with a bayonet. Or give it a bath with cyanide. I guess you could use a crossbow, but that would be too obvious. Unless you give everyone on the block a crossbow, so everyone is a subject with equal motives. Okay, I'm tired of giving you ideas.

  Phoenix91_fml  |  2

Roosters don't crow only in the morning. They crow at 3am, at 9am, at 5pm and all times in between. You get used to it and eventually don't even hear it. Personally, I love it-but I raised my flock from babies and that is just what they are to me