By littlekellilee - 28/02/2014 14:50 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I told my parents about the amazing guy I met. My mom immediately stormed out. My dad got up, looked at me and told me he's disappointed in me for "falling into the traps of the Internet," and leaves. I didn't meet him on the Internet. FML
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Hey, I'm the OP! I'm 26, and my parents can be a little protective. I think they're worried that something will happen to me and they won't know who it was that did it. They're actually really amazing people. I chatted with them about it once they calmed down and everything is okay now, though they're still nervous about not knowing him. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

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But he's a French model! D:

They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true. I heard it on the internet. :D


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Lots of couples meet online.

I was not serious.

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#12 or maybe if their irl personality turns people off as I'm sure yours does

#12: Don't take your username so seriously. Online dating expands the pool of eligible people. It's better than being too scared or shy to meet people at social places or functions.

Wait a sec #12, you don't have to be ugly to meet people on the internet. Your just all types of rude for saying that.

#12 I respectfully disagree with your false assumption

#12, fuck you. I met my boyfriend online, in a game, purely by chance, it's the best relationship I've ever been in and we're planning to live together someday. Online dating has nothing to do with being unable to meet or date people irl. Sometimes it just happens.

I, being obviously gorgeous, met my equally good looking boyfriend online. we moved fast and been with/living together for two years. so sorry #12, just because your experience of being ugly and being forced to have to use online dating to meet another gremlin such as yourself, doesn't equate to all online daters being gremlins.

32 - You're a bitch and you're not gorgeous.

#6 you weren't funny either

#32 - You're really full of yourself. And you're far ''gorgeous''

Online dating has its pros and cons I met a girl I had deep feelings for on the Internet but like all relationships nothing lasts forever and unfortunately for me someone Irl will eventually take your place

yeah.. I'm comfortable with how I look and I love myself it's actually called being secure. and far from gorgeous? that's really sweet of you dear :) I couldn't think of a more extreme word, so I just went with gorgeous. haha. too bad you still look like a troll.

On my last comment I meant far from gorgeous*

But he's a French model! D:

They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true. I heard it on the internet. :D

Uh.. Where did you hear that?

It was part of an Allstate commercial if you saw it you would have gotten the joke and also C-C-COMBO BREAKER

What 84 said was part of the commercial...

it was part of the commerical smh

They shouldn't have assumed anything until getting the full story, it sucks when parents do that :( Congrats though OP!

I hate that too, but you can't completely blame the parents in this situation. Who knows OP's past? For all we know she could have been Catfished before lol.

Noodling can be dangerous!

Well bring him over and you guys can tell your story about how you met together.

"How I Met Your Daughter" the new spin-off coming to FML this summer!

I hate when parents assume things -,- Don't let it bother you. I'm sure others will be happy for you (:

They seem a little quick to jump to conclusions. But good for you for meeting someone you like OP!

perhaps she's met guys online in the past and it just didn't work or they were jerks and that's why her parents assumed and reacted like that.

just offering an explanation. sorry if I came off rude.

Ugh the internet is a terrible place filled with people just like myself and plenty of awesome guys

I don't understand the point you're trying to make.

If you were trying to be sarcastic, it didn't work. If you weren't, your comment still didn't work.

glad I'm not the only one who wasn't getting it lol usually if it doesn't make sense I try to make an educated guess.. no hope for this one!

Unless it was meant to be a useless and incomprehensible comment, in that case it was a stunning success.

hahaha...I'm laughing at how buried you're going to be.

You are more buried.

lmao bury this idc!

No, EVERYONE is going to be buried because that's what happens to replies to something buried ;)

The internet is for porn!

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16, 20, and 26. You beat me to it. "But Kate, what you think he do AFTER"

36, WHAT ABOUT ME!?!? D: Jk.

oh. were you guys doing a real thing? I just made something up.

#48, you've never heard of avenue q? You've never lived.

Yeah. Those were lyrics to "The internet is for porn" from the Broadway Musical Avenue Q, which is basically Sesame Street for perverted grown ups. It's amazing. You should youtube it.

oh see. mine was even better since I made it up. I'll check that out though!

Cryssy, I'm up voting for creativity, even though you didn't get what we were doing.

48 Oh... Erm, me too. We're even, right?

Parents will be parents...Enjoy your new relationship! But not too much young lady!! ;-)