By anonymous - 24/09/2016 13:10 - United States - Federal Way

Today, I was told I needed to start carrying bandaids with me at work because practically every day I hurt myself. FML
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How does one manage to hurt themselves everyday, what is your job?


Well it can't be that bad if it's only band aids right...

That sucks op :( hope you dont hurt yourself too bad. What kind of work do you do? Maybe you have to do you work more carefully

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I keep a few handy just in case.

I do as well, and my friends claimed me weird. What's so wrong with being prepared?

keep some at the office only? On the bright side, they care for you!

How does one manage to hurt themselves everyday, what is your job?

I imagine it being some office job, which just makes it funnier seeing as it doesn't require a lot of physical work.

A lot of things can impact coordination in minor ways that are nevertheless enough to make someone injury-prone. Autism spectrum disorders, joint stability issues, allergies, etc. If you have more than one, it gets really fun.

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I thought I was the only one. I'm not alone.

Please say you're in food service! I have a lot of vampire friends.

I wasn't aware that Dracula enjoyed fine dining establishments

#14, it could also be fast food. Some of the members of Team Edward can't afford fancy eating. They blew all their money on Twilight swag.

I often wonder how these FMLs get published and mine don't. Not that I feel self-important, but really? Being accident prone is unfortunate and pesky, but at least you aren't the person in colonoscopy FML under this.