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Today, in college, we were asked at what age girls tend to become physically attractive. Wrongly thinking the answer was in relation to puberty, I said, "Umm... 11 or 12?" Now everyone thinks I'm some kind of pedophile. FML
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No girl is attractive until they're legal... that rule will keep you out of jail

Girls are like multiplication, if the number is small enough, it's best to just do them in your head.


Bruh lol no big deal but even us males feel attraction to females when we're young and can't Even bust a nut lol

Your profile picture makes that comment even more creepy.

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I'm a guy and even I found this to be slightly creepy.

I'm a cat and even I found this to be very creepy.

I'm a koala and I found this very creepy.

Is there a correct answer for this?!? I doubt it.

I'm an angel of the Lord and quite frankly I've seen creepier things.

I'm a fictional character in an age and place where that didn't matter, and I find this extremely creepy.

I have no clue who I am, and I live in a realm where animals dominate and humans don't exist, and even I find this slightly disturbing.

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I'm a slayer of giant, carnivorous beings, and I found this creepy.

I'm a black outline and I found this very creepy.

I'm a monstrous Vicodin tablet and I found this slightly unsettling.


I'm Shamus and I found this creepy.

I'd **** my own doppleganger and I find this creepy.

im a convicted church arsonist and i approve

this is exactly why I love the Internet, think this could get published in ifunny?

I'm a teenage boy and I find this a-ok.

I'm a giraffe riding a flying shark and I find this creepy

Loooooooool, I find this thread really awesome!

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I'm a snake wearing a top hat and this is even creepier than me.

The universe is only 14 bullion years old, and this is creepier

I'm just a fairy and I still find this creepy

-160 how is this now blackholed yet lol

No girl is attractive until they're legal... that rule will keep you out of jail

Girls are like multiplication, if the number is small enough, it's best to just do them in your head.

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old enough to pee, old enough for me!

The line is "squaring numbers is just like women, if they're under 13 just do them in your head" It's from a song called New Math by Bo Burnham. It's quite hilarious.

I heard a variation on the first one well before said comedian was even born. Just sayin'.

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#15, despite that being from a song, it's worse than #2's comment and all the hilarious sub-comments that follow it...

Some time people says things without thinking haha

#130.. i was about to say something. . good edit

And that, is exactly why you should pay attention in class...

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Reminds of kids who used to say, "If their age is on the clock, they're ready to ****." Now I never followed this.. I'm 18 dating someone who is 21. SO.

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Wow, I was just referring to how kids are getting knocked up at such a early age.

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Well I was referring to periods. That "joyous" time when females bleed unnaturally.

21 I think you mean "if their age is on the clock they're too young for the ****"

#21 I'm 99% sure the saying goes "if her age is on the clock, she's too young for the ****".

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Thankfully that saying doesn't go with military time. I'm safe!

You mean periods are unnatural? How the hell would they start and why would almost every female get them? (ps you can get pregnant before your first period)

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To be fair, you can only get pregnant immediately before your first period. After that first egg is released, about a week later a period would start.

anything that bleeds for 7 days and lives is unnatural @ 62

It's actually naturally, not unnaturally.

It's not fresh blood. It's not like someone cut us and we bleed -.- it's the linings of the uterus

In my middle school days some kids obviously changed it to their own version. Otherwise I'd have no reason to say that.

I never trust anything the bleeds for 7 days and doent die lol

Let's hope they're using afternoon military time, 18-24

I agree. Th answer is subjective. Some girls never become attractive.

you don't know the context of the question. we were discussing something similar in my research methods psychology class a couple weeks ago. we were discussing when in a lifepsan society sees men and women as most attractive and why.

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There was actually a study just released on this very question that has been in the news, so perhaps it was just a topical discussion. (The response by men of all ages was 20, btw.)

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I totally agree #6. It seems like the question was asked just to try to make some people look bad. Why is it relevant at all, no matter what the discussion is about? It's a subjective question with no correct answer. (Which begs the question, why would a study like this even have been paid for???)

116. Not everything needs to be measurable to be discussed. there are a few different trains of thought, you are thinking strickly positivistically (google positivism) but, you can measure the public perception of beauty. its called statistics. doesnt mean all 20 year old women are attractive to all men, it means that statistically men rate 20 year old women higher visually than at any other age.

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129 - I'm just so tired of society's focus on the attractiveness of women, as if whether or not we are attractive is the only thing about us that matters. It doesn't seem that a discussion like that - in CLASS no less - is helping us to move society towards enlightenment. (Why the focus on women, also? What about at what age men become attractive??) However, it's true that I don't know the full context as to why this question was asked in class. This was just my gut reaction.

129 Hey now, although I agree with you, no one in this scenario even hinted at the suggestion that attractiveness is the only thing that matters in regards to women.

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No, and I did not say that anyone stated or hinted that. :) I only said that society's focus on women's attractiveness makes it seem as if that's the only thing that matters with women. It bothers me... although I must admit I did laugh heartily at 26's comment, ha ha!

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Or just say you thought they were asking when you started finding girls attractive, which does tend to happen around that age.

Ohh that sucks. That's a big mistake to make. I hope you were able to explain yourself and everyone understood what you meant OP.

Step one: put foot in mouth Step two: keep it there!

Step 3: everyone now knows you have a foot fetish.

As a grown man why would u even answer with that