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Today, I got out of the shower and walked into my living room to see my sis' and her boyfriend sitting very closely on our family's fairly large couch. I laughed and said, "Look at the happy couple." Then her now ex-boyfriend burst into tears. Turns out they'd just broken up. FML
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Greenteamextreme 16

*Awardly walks over to sisters ex boyfriend and pats on head*... There, there. Shhhh. No tears.

You couldn't of known op.


You couldn't of known op.

I hate to be that guy but have not of.

If you're going to be a grammar nazi #12, at least do it right. It's couldn't have.

iAmPaul 49

19 - That's exactly what he said.

Actually #29, they said that the correct way should be, "Couldn't have not of." If you expand the contraction, the sentence reads, "Could not have not of."

iAmPaul 49

33 - No. The lack of punctuation in 12's comment is what is confusing you and 19. 12 said he hates to be that guy, but [it's] "have", not "of".

gemstone586 12

lack of punctuation is grammar, so, if you're going to be the grammar police, you should probably use proper punctuation.

Of course it was. Makes sense then. Thanks #40 ☺ Would just like to say that punctuation matters - don't be the guy that "Likes eating his cats and his family..."

kirbs19 37

Holy crap it's like I'm back in English class...

It seems as if there is a rift between the Grammar Nazis. They are, at least momentarily, splitting between the Spelling and Punctuation battalions. What is yet to come to all of us by-standers?

Commas go inside of quotation marks.

tantanpanda 26

#65, no it doesn't. If you're quoting a phrase with a comma, then yes, but in this situation, it goes after. Please leave.

well how were you supposed to know?

you didn't know, just try to help them through the situation. :)

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nothing wrong with men who cry. and, he just got broken up with. I don't think this particular situation counts him as being a crybaby

Tbh if the guy dint cry, he might have not taken the relationship as seriously

Honestly it depends on their relationship. If they've only been together a couple weeks/months, crying would be a little weird. Years would be understandable.

skyttlz 32

55- I think it depends more on the relationship than the time. I know people who were in 2-year-long relationships and weren't too hurt by the breakup. Other people can get close in just a few months and hurt by the breakup.

Greenteamextreme 16

*Awardly walks over to sisters ex boyfriend and pats on head*... There, there. Shhhh. No tears.

At least you didn't start crying hysterically with him

Not your fault OP why are they sitting so close if they broke up, she obviously broke up with him if he started crying so he could have got up and left rather than acting like a baby.

Why wouldn't he cry? The girl that he LOVES broke up with him. He probably doesn't know what he did wrong.

Ya true but he could have at least been rational about it, talked it over and come to terms a with what was happening rather than acting like a complete baby.

Wow, showing feelings is called acting like a baby nowadays? I wouldn't want to date or be somebody who was always rational.

I can see why you're single.

Two tears and a ****** bucket, **** it. Cry some more tears. Sensitive ass bitches.

32, me or Reider?

Bursting into tears like a baby is called acting like a baby, no wonder she dumped him.

Well when someone you love dies, don't cry because you'll look like a baby with your logic.

So getting dumped and someone you know dying calls for the same reaction... That's a little over dramatic don't you think?

You don't know the situation. My ex cried even though he was the one who broke up with me, only because he was moving and didn't want to make a LDR work. Maybe that's the case here, or maybe the sister cheated, or maybe she dumped him unexpectedly. Either way, if he's crying it means he cared about the relationship and that's a good thing.

If you love someone your heart is with them and you make it work, long distance or not. From how I read the FML, I'm seeing it as he literally started bawling his eyes out like a sobbing baby. If he gradually started to tear up yeah it's different, but to actually burst out crying after the comment would make him seem like he's a bit of a baby.

SystemofaBlink41 27

What? I can't follow your logic... Crying is crying, whether it's slowly built up or bursting into tears. I cry ALL the time, so I know what I'm talking about.

Stop feeding the troll, guys.

#27: So a dude had an emotional reaction to an emotional situation, and you insult him for failing to be rational about it? All he did was cry. Do you not approve of men having or showing emotions? On behalf of men everywhere, **** you.

You couldn't have known OP! It escalated quickly though... Happy couple to crying ex

At least it seems they broke up on good terms if they still sat close together?

meggieeeee92 27

The guy started crying...I'm thinking that it didn't exactly end on fantastic terms.

Well, he was sad, sure, but that will be the case in most break-ups, especially if one part wasn't noticing anything wrong. But there wasn't any screaming and shouting, doors slamming or the like, and they weren't in different parts of the room, but close together. I'd call that good terms.

marcmaralou 15

I feel more bad for him..

Yes! Real men do not cry!