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  metalhead256  |  0

how is this a fm?l.... stupid women they dont think

  Cjw1220  |  0

The first fml says something like this : "Today, I realized my life is so pathetic I created a site where people post their miseries" That's just what I remember.

  Hoplaka  |  0

How about you stfu? We weren't made to be your maid or your chef. We were made to help populate the world. I'd like to see two men trying to make love. Oh wait! They can't get pregnant.

  dre_bro11  |  12

325, it was full weird for me, a few weeks back I only had 380 pages or something like that, and now there's over 1000... but yer, cool to be posting on the first ever FML.

  Xx_Dakota_xX  |  1

To all the ppl who say this is the first FML it's not...sorry to say when new ones come the others disappear bc the FML system refreshes these and gets rid of a days time this one also will be gone

  KaySL  |  24

Where do you get off calling other people dipshits? LOOK AT THE SUBMISSION DATE: 10/13/2008. That's 13th October 2008, in case you're illiterate as well as plain stupid. And let's not forget the FML submission ID: #6. This was the first published FML, "dip shit".

  TheButler  |  0

lol.. ure calling men braindead when ure being braindead enough to say we're all braindead? men invented like everything that was ever invented :) :P

oh and unlucky on the FML try to be clearer :P specialy with the inititials L.A.. :P

  Aeriyx  |  6

Actually yeah they were, tampons were created for soaking up blood in wars and the nurses found a second use for them....Yes I realize I'm 6 years late I'm just bored scrolling through the random FMLs

By  alex_vik  |  0

So, you wrote on the guy for no reason, and expected him to automatically knew that "LA" meant you and him? Frankly, if some girl were to just start writing on me, I'd be a little pissed.

  Chelsers13524  |  0

dumn? XD nice one, it's 'dumb' actually.

and FYL!! it's pretty funny though...if I had been there I would have laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed!! Because that is FUNNY!! rolf XD

By  smileihtscuter  |  0

LOL oh gosh.... My name starts with L and the guy I like's name starts with an A too. I can really imagine him doing that exact same thing if I were to write LA in a heart. some guys...eesh aha