By mocass’1 - 13/10/2008 08:19 - France

Today, in class, I was sitting next to the guy that I fancy. Shyly, I write our initials (L and A) into a heart on his hand to see his reaction. He said, "I love Los Angeles too!" FML
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slyvanilla_creme 0

i would have though it was i <3 LA too... unless you put L.A. (with the dots)....but that's like poking his time write "U" inside the heart

I don't think that's ever really a good way to let a guy know that you like him.


slyvanilla_creme 0

i would have though it was i <3 LA too... unless you put L.A. (with the dots)....but that's like poking his time write "U" inside the heart

MacintoshDima 0

You're #1 :)

itsgen 16

haha ur niceee

Is this the first fml ever?

wow this was written on10/13/08 and the first comment was posted 2/16/08

i mean 2/16/09

first fml ever

how is this a fm?l.... stupid women they dont think

wow 1st fml evah broheim

this isn't the first fml it's just server refreshing constantly

#143 is stupid... it's an fml cause she prob is mad that he doesn't even think about it that way like those two together

Matias_Says_FML 4

Agreed #1.

someone2me2 1


Maybe he loves L. A. and his way of saying it just made u think it was Los Angeles. So what now? Yeah, another saved with practical sense =)

wow 1 u r the first commented ever

dinorawrous 0

first fml evar!

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lol this isn an fml girls some ppl think theirs lives are terrible when they're not 

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Thabb 0


I'm here on the first FML

akkimber 0

it took this guy forever to find this app.

gtdoll 0

Haha fyl. But I doubt this is the first fml, maybe others were deleted like on mlia.

Larry and Angie

You people who take pride on commenting on the first FML are funny. FML.

First FML ftw!!

Savannah_97 0

So it's pretty epic that this is the first fml but I would have taken that as a way to start conversation and flirt alittle ;)

maybe he was playing dumb...I do that sometimes

hahahaa(: i made the FIRST fml like 2yrs laterrr(: now how the f. did he find FML?(: kay thnx bye(:

The first fml says something like this : "Today, I realized my life is so pathetic I created a site where people post their miseries" That's just what I remember.

How about you stfu? We weren't made to be your maid or your chef. We were made to help populate the world. I'd like to see two men trying to make love. Oh wait! They can't get pregnant.

cruxx 0

Yay now I'm on the FIRST page of the FIRST FML replying to the FIRST commenter. Woot.

first fml Eva:0 ...........Anddddd not paticurally a good one:/

I agree with #1

pinkpillowz 0

I agree with one also^^

this is the first fml?

I made it! This is the first FML ever, and the first comment ever!

#218 is hot;)

Rafid 0

wow first fml

zendaddy0 0

yay I'm on the first fml agfawsvgd wggnbbnvghbggnernvtgahgfdjydvjg vgjewbshjgfff that was me celebrating

Ya first FML!

yeaaa duuuuh....

iAmScrubs 19

I guess I'm not the only one to have this idea of looking for the first FML ever

maz_irken 6

I wanted to be a comment on the first FML ^^

I'm happy to be on the first FML :)

This is about to be a historic moment. On my app the first fml is about to enter the 1000th page. Time to celebrate!

325, it was full weird for me, a few weeks back I only had 380 pages or something like that, and now there's over 1000... but yer, cool to be posting on the first ever FML.

12vballchick12 5

First fml.... Epic win

Salinad2468 4

No it's the sixth, for some reason they didn't put the first 5.

look again!! it was 2/16/09!!!!

AaronTkr 0

I'm just gonna leave my comment here.. to say i commented on the first FML ever:3

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

1- it wold be L+A in a heart (:

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

To all the ppl who say this is the first FML it's not...sorry to say when new ones come the others disappear bc the FML system refreshes these and gets rid of a days time this one also will be gone

First FML? I don't think so how did she find it?

meg63720 0

This is not the first fml Eva dip ***** this was in 09 the first was in 08 so stop saying this cuz it isn't

BEHOLD the first of firsts.

Awwww well now yall have something in common

HowAreYouToday 34

Hey FML! I'm gonna change my account... Lol. I'll see you in my next life!

Everyone - I have arrived.

One small post for woman, one giant moment for FML.

ImOlivia 5

First FML ever? :/ well, if it is, I commented on it! :)

brittney4598 0

Yes! Comment on the 1st fml ever:)

jrsylilballer6 7

Just wanted to be here :3 I know I'm a little late and so I welcome thumbs down with welcome arms

I used to write FMLs, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

This is where it all began.

K_kanaka 26

Wow the first FML

lrgenesis 19

I'm on the first fml! Yay!

lrgenesis 19

I'm on the first fml! Yay!

This is not the first. I know. I go regularly on the last page, they delete the older FML's.

italian_cows 4


GirlOnFire143 6

That created a whole new definition for "first comment".

I got to comment on the first FML ever:)

This is not the first fml. They cycle each time one is submitted.

Just like every one else, I wish to leave my comment on here. :D

And now I can say I commented on the first FML ever. There is weirdly so much pride that comes with that!:o

IworkAt711 14

Look at the way FML users used to comment. Its like we've all evolved or something.

the_enigma1019 1

The first fml... Truly a momentous moment...

Inheritance 10

I love how everyone is commenting on these old FMLs.

LonelyIslander1 5


kxxjoejoexxk 8

First fml is best fml!

Congrats first fml to be. Published

OrangeKnife 10

First FML Evah :D hehehehee

Zyzz7 12

Zyzz was here brah&lt;3

Pwn17 25

Wow, just seeing how far this site has come... FML forever!

I actually got here on Random! Epic.

Ah.. The childhood of FML

6 years later... I wonder what ever happened to the romance of L and A

Sadly the first 5 FMLs got removed, this is number 6

I'm just going to pretend this is the first and celebrate ;)

I don't think that's ever really a good way to let a guy know that you like him.

lol phail whale

turtlemansam 6

This isn't twitter

wait is any1 confused why she wrote it on his hand?

Yes! Really why?

pwnman 33

FYL, OP. Follow up if things are going good now. Hope you found someone awesome.

ummm how old are you?I can't see writing your initials on your hand as an acceptable form of flattery past the age of 12...

Slayerfan408 6


Sometimes flattery is kiddish to begin with.

he's braindead, move on ...

it's not reeally the first 1. alot of the older ones were deleted bc they were extreeemely lame.

bangarang11 0

Men are generally known to be ignorant when it comes to sentimental come ons'. That's pretty funny, though. Lol..

wats tht supposed to mean?

lol.. ure calling men braindead when ure being braindead enough to say we're all braindead? men invented like everything that was ever invented :) :P oh and unlucky on the FML try to be clearer :P specialy with the inititials L.A.. :P

hey, you're an *intelligent* member of the male species, try spelling you're correctly.

You're named after something from Pokemon -_-

Mike345 0

wow try spelling you're correctly. Its Try spelling "You're" correctly. Talk about Braindead

tweetbaby14 18

what's the difference dumbass

someone2me2 1

Yes but all the inventors had wives that made them work so without the women they would be the flat slobs they are

did men invent tampons? how embarrasing would that have been?

Actually yeah they were, tampons were created for soaking up blood in wars and the nurses found a second use for them....Yes I realize I'm 6 years late I'm just bored scrolling through the random FMLs

alex_vik 0

So, you wrote on the guy for no reason, and expected him to automatically knew that "LA" meant you and him? Frankly, if some girl were to just start writing on me, I'd be a little pissed.

lol bit uptight... girls do it all the time in my school :P and we're in year 10 (14-15) i don't get annoyed:)

That's what I thought!

someone2me2 1

I bet they never actually did it to you but, I just supposed so seeing as YOU'RE an iliterate woman hater

thatguy888 0

first fml

what the hell are you talking about?

I'm on the first FML :3

I'm sorry, but...LOL!

I'm just commenting here to be on the first FML ever :D

KriiFahMoro 9

"dumby" is spelled dummy, dumbass.

OrangeKnife 10


shuyin14 0

lol, maybe he's just a bit dumn. it's kind of cute though.

Chelsers13524 0

dumn? XD nice one, it's 'dumb' actually. and FYL!! it's pretty funny though...if I had been there I would have laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed!! Because that is FUNNY!! rolf XD

you Spelt 'dumb' wrong. idiot.

jake3292 5

it's spelled dumb dumby

smileihtscuter 0

LOL oh gosh.... My name starts with L and the guy I like's name starts with an A too. I can really imagine him doing that exact same thing if I were to write LA in a heart. some guys...eesh aha

OOHHH!! Smart guy!!