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Today, I told the guy I've liked since we were children that I'm madly in love with him. He replied with, "Aw, I love you too, as a sister." I was speechless. He patted me on the back and said, "Better luck next time." FML
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And you milady have been friendzoned or sistered I feel you.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt...then angrily ripped up said t shirt...

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Hey OP, guys aren't machines that you can put nice coins into until sex falls out! (It's funny how the this FML would be treated so differently if the OP was male).

I like how it's a girl, this doesn't happen very often.

Actually, this happens to girls just as much as it happens to guys.

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I asked somebody out at the pool. He brutally rejected me in my face saying " No eww why would i date somebody with autism" he then swam back when my friends came up to me while I was crying. He started laughing at me. FML ;(

Aww OP, I had the same situation. I got friendzoned/sistered for like 15 years - I had a crush when 8 and I knew it was love all through till I was 23. When he didn't realize I had a talk with him and told him I loved him NOT like a sister / friend and I was done with him acting stupid about it. Well, we are now engaged and preparing for our wedding :) Talk to that guy, if he still thinks the same, kick his arse.

@96 Aww is that your fml? That's really sad, people can be so cruel. :( If he didn't like you that way he could've just said so, he didn't have to bring you're autism into it.

Friendzoned. Now she knows how guys feel.

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This is how those horror movies get started. Next we find out OP has been spending years working out and preparing her basement. Next thing that happens is the guy wakes up in said basement and can not figure out hoe he got there. When he tries to leave he is shocked by a dog collar that goes off if he gets too far from the wall. Every time he tries to leave he is painfully knocked out by the collar, and wakes up later to find that someone has moved him again. Yep... Sounds like the making of a horror story.

46 That's some weird shit. Sounds more like a twisted fantasy of yours rather than the making of a horror story

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What can I say, I am a writer. Coming up with "weird shit" is but apart of my job. Fill free to go to my profile and figure it out for yourself.

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The Japanese have a word for people who do that sort of thing: Yandere. Roughly translated, it does not at all resemble "obsessed psychopath," but it has about the same connotations.

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I don't know about you, but that sounds like an invitation to keep asking him out until he either says yes or gets a restraining order!

He reminds me of my flamboyant friends... Perhaps you just attached feelings for the wrong type of person for yourself! Chin up, plenty of men out there!

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Women have "friendzone"...We men have one better..."sisterzone"...

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Well we do have the "brotherzone".

But not the "creepyunclebill" zone to the same creepy, scarring, molesty extent.

Creepy... uncle... bill zone... The ****.

Sounds like 30 had a creepy uncle named bill who didn't keep his hands to his self while showing 30 some "inappropriate attention"

Achievement unlocked : Creep out FML community.

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Hey, if he is like that one boyfriend a few FMLs ago, being considered a sister might not be too bad ;-) go along with it, OP!

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At least you told him, maybe not what you wanted to hear but now your not sitting there waiting for him and wondering if he feels the same. I know many people who don't say anything for fear of rejection, but at least you put it out there that you're interested.

Well, at least he didn't say he hated you...

Friendzoned at its finest there. But hey! At least he didn't get weirded out and leave! right?