By ripo95 - 26/11/2008 06:18 - France

Today, I put my hand up in class. I forgot that I hadn't shaved. FML
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WRONG. My boyfriend doesn't understand why women need to shave and says it's perfectly natural to have hair there. And I don't shave often. It's great. And to the person that said I'll never get laid, you're wrong! Assholes. Women, stand up for yourselves! You don't need to put up with guys that make you change, find a guy that will accept you the way your are. Most guys expect that you take them as you are, so make them do the same. When a girl asks a guy to shave down under it's a huge 'no ******* way' but the moment a girl is asked to shave and she says no, it's like the end of the world. Well if you wont shave, I wont either.


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YDI for being gross and not taking care of yourself

The one time I look to see where the person is from...

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Don't listen to them, it happened to me once too. It's horrible

whats facial hair got to do with anything? :-D

#4 and #6 Um duh, she's a girl and forgot to shave her armpits. Have some empathy. It was probably super embarrassing.

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who cares? that's not embarrassing. least shouldn't be.

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the same thing happened to me, except with raccoons :( in soviet rusia, armpits shave you!

Ok, I'm going to take a wild guess here and say maybe the OP is a female and she forgot to shave her armpits? If so, that's gross but it happens. Just don't do it again :)

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it's not gross at all actually. no one should be ashamed of body hair

to #8, if the OP is a female, it's still dumb. how can you take showers and not notice you need to shave? or unless your armpit hair grows out THAT fast, then thats gross. definitely an FML then.

Uhm, it's not like you notice very easily....I don't spend my shower studying my arm pits deciphering if I need to shave them or not. Just sayin...>.> and OP, it's happened to me too. But it's natural to grow hair there, so who cares?!

maybe she doesn't shower regularly....

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You need to shave your hands???

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are u taking the piss u thick piece of shit