By SallyGeen - 27/07/2011 07:23 - United Kingdom

Today, at a fancy dress party, I got off with Hitler. FML
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In your defense, I hear that Hitler can be very persuasive.

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Was it the Hitler with boobs that was an offense to the ninja community?


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You made out with Prince Harry? That's not an FML.

I got off with Bin Laden once.. I'm not complaining.

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Hope you aren't Jewish OP or it's gonna be a short night for you

He was actually very popular with the ladies... o.O For example, Eva Braun, Unity Mitford... I'm wondering about the guy who thought it was a good idea to go to a fancy dress party as Hitler, particulary after how well Prince Harry's SA costume was received.

Sometimes depends on where you are. some guy at a superhero / villain costume party won best supervillain costume dressed as Hitler.

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"Fancy dress party" is a masquerade or costume party. "Got off" means oh, hell, if you don't know and can't be arsed to look it up then piss off.

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743 people are complete imbeciles.

as a nutritionist u cant call us imbeciles

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says the dumbfuck who cant decipher a simple 11 word sentence.

I believe number 5 was merely trying to express a, "What the f*** moment?"

74. They didn't know what he was talking about so they just commented

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I've seen you reply on like 10 things?;P ^^^^

Surely in this day and age, especially in the UK, this sort of dress is unacceptable? YDI space cadet

I recon it depends on who's wearing the outfit :D