By SallyGeen - 27/07/2011 07:23 - United Kingdom

Today, at a fancy dress party, I got off with Hitler. FML
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In your defense, I hear that Hitler can be very persuasive.

Was it the Hitler with boobs that was an offense to the ninja community?


he still is messing with UK huh?

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first haha jk thts for gays

You made out with Prince Harry? That's not an FML.

I got off with Bin Laden once.. I'm not complaining.

first haha jk thts for gays

Hope you aren't Jewish OP or it's gonna be a short night for you

He was actually very popular with the ladies... o.O For example, Eva Braun, Unity Mitford... I'm wondering about the guy who thought it was a good idea to go to a fancy dress party as Hitler, particulary after how well Prince Harry's SA costume was received.

Sometimes depends on where you are. some guy at a superhero / villain costume party won best supervillain costume dressed as Hitler.

that's fancy.

Eva Braun reincarnated! ... wait wouldn't hitler need a dick or some actual balls to get off?

this makes no sense...

I think it's awesome! :D

it doesnt make sense cause you're like what five?

FYL for looking like hitler.

was he any good?

I did NAZI that one coming...

I hear hitler had one it true?

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"Fancy dress party" is a masquerade or costume party. "Got off" means oh, hell, if you don't know and can't be arsed to look it up then piss off.

641 thumbs up? Bots anyone?

but why no ratings??!?

743 people are complete imbeciles.

as a nutritionist u cant call us imbeciles

says the dumbfuck who cant decipher a simple 11 word sentence.

I believe number 5 was merely trying to express a, "What the f*** moment?"

74. They didn't know what he was talking about so they just commented

What's it's like being in the army?

I've seen you reply on like 10 things?;P ^^^^

lol let keep this at zero

Surely in this day and age, especially in the UK, this sort of dress is unacceptable? YDI space cadet

I recon it depends on who's wearing the outfit :D