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Today, my distraught mom called me, saying my dad had killed himself and to come home right away. After cussing out my math teacher for trying to stop me and rushing back home in a taxi, I ran into the living room, only to find my parents laughing so hard they were practically in tears. FML
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That's awfully fucking shitty of them to scare the living hell out of you, causing you to piss off your teacher, miss school, and waste time all for a few "shits and giggles" for your parents. Repay the favor in the future and do something like that to them. Hopefully your teacher will understand? Otherwise damn. FYL for sure.


1# Uh why, you need to re read it.


Omg 128. I can only sleep with the fan on too!!!
And im sorry for your loss.
And at the fml, well OPs parents were only joking so its a good thing. Least it didnt really happen...

  alicette_fml  |  12

I'm so sorry to hear that :( I really hope your family gets through it ( well you can't really get through something like that, but hopefully I don't seem insensitive and rude).


And then get them so drunk, SO DRUUUNK, that they are practically acting like kids then put a basketball under the moms shirt then record them freaking out and post it on YouTube facebook and twitter

  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

42- Just no. That comes up every single time and is probably the worse thing to do. Instead, throw a surprise party and invite over 300 mexicans, play mexican music and pour glasses of pineapple juice. When your parents come home, they'll try to throw everyone but won't be able because pineapple juice is so good.

  aceman1992  |  9

Then don't go back?

By  DayoRasta  |  8

Disguising joke! Bless ya x

By  Armyboy124  |  0

That's a killer joke.