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Today, I poured my heart out into what had to be my greatest set of lyrics for my band ever, at the same time my teacher was explaining chemical changes to the class. At the end of the lecture he picked up my paper, and set it on fire to demonstrate a chemical change. FML
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By  tinuelena  |  0

I am a teacher.

Even if a student is not paying attention in class, I would never take their piece of paper away and set it on fire. Tell them to put it away, yes. Confiscate it for the rest of the period, yes. But destroying something of a student's is completely disrespectful.

Some might argue that it's disrespectful to do other work during class, and I'd agree. However, the teacher shouldn't have taken that harsh of a measure to discipline him. Being a teacher doesn't give you license to be a bitch.

  americayay  |  0

Just assume that they sucked anyway. They probably did if they were written by someone in Chemistry class. I'm not saying young people can't write music, but few can write it very well.

Otherwise, you could probably rewrite them and like THAT end product better anyways.

  HahaYDI  |  0

Zhejan, can you please stop being so freaking annoying, I see you at the top of every FML with some stupid comment that only you think is funny...


Do NOT agree with lame-o's that think country (ie Taylor Swift) is turrible.
"...You should've said no,
You should've gone home,
You should have thought twice before you let it all go..."

"...I wear this crown of thorns
Upon my liar's chair
Full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair
Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here..."
-Country is immortal

  jbotaybo  |  0

Please tell me you didn't just put taylor swift lyrics in the same post that has lyrics of THE JOHNNY CASH! You don't deserve to call yourself a country fan after that.

  kmart72  |  0

You're right, the combination of Taylor Swift lyrics with lyrics from 'Hurt' seems prettttty strange. But those lyrics aren't even written by Johnny Cash. Most of the songs from that CD are covers. Hurt was actually written by Nine Inch Nails. Also, Taylor's lyrics are alright, but those are not exactly her most impressive, in my opinion.

  MagicMeds  |  0

Why would you want to call yourself a country fan? The instrumental music takes little to no skill (and doesn't even sound very good) and gets away with it by operating under the guise of being "relaxing and soulful".

The vocal music is the main focus of country music-a sure sign that the song was written by people without much musical knowledge- and usually has that intolerable southern "drawl" accent... I just see no appeal.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

I must agree that most country singers sound the same, just someone with a drawl, and I also do not like Taylor Swift.
Lyrically, country is very predictable. Almost all songs will include something about God, many others will include something about typical "country" practices (shooting, drinking, hootin' and hollerin'...)
Instrumentally, also fairly predictable, but not on a hateable scale. I mean, it's a genre, and a genre mostly is classified by the instrumentals. Therefore, many rock, blues, metal, jazz, pop, etc music is predictable. Not all, of course, but they do follow some sort of rule.

Plus I do enjoy typical instruments used in country... but mostly because I like instruments. Fiddles are great stuff. I can't honestly think of an instrument I truly hate or can't stand to hear.

And, I do like Johnny Cash. Generally, I am not for country music though... but I judge case-by-case.

Want a great country song? Look up Gin and Juice, the country version. Hilarious as hell.

It's possible to write something worthwhile in class/high school though. Unfortunately "heart felt" makes me think things along the lines of typical whiny teen. Sorry OP.

  drkwlf  |  0

#160, no, I'mma let you finish, but it depends on what oldies you're talking about because not all of them are good. .. And so far you had the best post on this FML of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  macropixi  |  0

Hurt is not country. Hurt is Nine Inch Nails. Although Mr. Cash did a great cover of it, I still think Trent has the best version.

Saying Hurt is country is like saying My Heart Will Go On is Metal, doesn't matter if Bella Morte did a cover of it or not...

  plexico  |  3

Taylor Swift does not write her own music.

She wrote "You Belong to Me" with an established Nashville songwriter named Liz Rose. That's the official story. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Liz Rose wrote the song and Disney decided to tack on Swift as a co-writer.

We'll never know how much she contributes to her music and many other songwriters will undoubtedly go uncredited. Disney has decided that Taylor Swift has to project the image of being a singer/songwriter and they will do what it takes to make us believe that image.

She'll eventually be exposed as a fraud just like Sarah Palin was.

  idkweird  |  0

Actually, Taylor Swift writes A LOT of her own songs. Beyond that, she also designed her entire set for the most recent tour and she directs all the music and makes any necessary changes. She is a young lady with a lot of talent and business sense. She has control over a lot of what she does. She isn't ordered around by her management, which is a LOT better than most people her age. She also writes her songs from personal experience, so I don't see how someone would think she just has someone else write them. She has also co-written at least one song of Kelli Pickler's.

People need to brush up on their knowledge before they spew worthless BS.


@ everyone saying Hurt isnt country. It is. The johnny Cash version completely is. Nine Inch Nails had it first, but Johnny Cash also sung a country version. Saying that his version isn't country is like saying Cascada's rip off of Rascal Flatts' "What Hurts The Most" isn't pop, but is rather still country


  kmart72  |  0

No one is saying that Cash's version isn't country. Read the original comment. People are just pointing out that the lyrics weren't WRITTEN by a country performer.

  Sadae  |  0

#134 "Tungmup"

That's not what the VMAs said when Taylor won that award.
She does have talent.
If she didn't should would've never own up to nothing.
Stfu cause I don't see you on TV singing your heart out.

  cs2sasuke741  |  0

Taylor swift sucks...

"When he smiles its like the radio..."

I mean really, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Taylor swift can't write for shit. Listen to Megadeth or Nirvana, that my ignorant friend, is lyrical heaven.


STOP TALKING BOUT TAYLOR SWIFT I FREAKIN LOVEEEE HER SHE IS MY BIG SISTER u people know nothing and besides im not the lame losers who actually sit by there computer all day waiting for something interesting to come up so i can spend my life commenting to have a purpose jeez u can talk bout whatever u want just dont diss my girl kk just agree with me !!!!! >=-I

  rangerPat  |  12

You all fucking fail and have AWFUL taste in music.
Accept it and grow :)

Also; ydi

  SailorSolaris  |  43

@ #32 Autorecovery is fine for computers, but OP said the PAPER was burned. No autorecovery there. You must be too used to computers. I don't even rely on spell check myself.

  havetoadjust  |  0

uhm that was his time.. even if he was in class it's his decision to write lyrics instead of pay attention. and you can't tell me you would be intensely focusing on the teacher tell you about something as easy as chemical changes

  therealmike  |  0

It's amazing how different the rules are in childhood versus adulthood.

In adulthood, if someone beats you up, you call the police and get him thrown in jail. In childhood, he's just "the bully" and nobody in authority cares. You might even get punished for "fighting".

In adulthood, if someone takes your stuff it's "stealing", and if they destroy it it's "destruction of property", both of which are punishable by the authorities. In childhood, the authorities are expected to do both of these things to you, and will turn a blind eye if anyone else does.

Man, being a kid sucked.

By  birds_fml  |  7

Don't worry, they weren't as great as you thought they were. Had it NOT been kept on fire, you would've read it again 10 years from now and wondered what the hell was wrong with you back in HS. So you're lucky, really.

  Occam  |  0

Same here. If I misplace my notebook or something, I remember like 80% of the lyrics and the rest fills itself in from memory. I wrote lyrics to a song last year and lost the notebook to a large puddle shortly afterwards. I was too lazy at the time to rewrite them, and eventually went back to it a week later. I remembered the whole song.

Besides, if chemistry class is your muse, then your songs must be a bit weird. At least write them during an English class like I did, it'll expand your poetic horizons. :p