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Today, I would like to thank the program designer that put "Set as home page" directly under "Remove from history". FML
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Guessing that was the programmer intentionally trolling from afar

You've got to be more careful with your **** viewing. You sound click happy.


Guessing that was the programmer intentionally trolling from afar

Next time us control shift N you can go into incognito mode no history or saved sites only have to click out of the browser

I'm kinda disappointed with the comments on this FML...

I don't see the big deal...he can reset his home page. Not like he shared it on Facebook.

lol @69 your comment number says it all. anyway, he probably didn't realize he set it as his homepage until it was to late.

Thank you captain obvious. This isn't FML or anything. -.-

It isn't?!? Shit, I'm in the wrong town then.

How so? All I'm saying is that the button placement could cause some trouble. Like you think you set a homepage and it doesn't.

arandomusernameaa 20

Pretty sure he didn't want to set a page as his homepage... More like he wanted to delete his browsing history and set an inappropriate site as him homepage...

hannahsnyder69 16

It all matters who uses that computer next

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

There's not enough information to show whether or not it's the kind of program where you can get your stuff back. Still, FYL, I've had that happen to me before too

He's talking about a web browser and accidentally changing the start page to something inappropriate, which he probably discovered after someone else had used the browser.

You read it wrong. He/she set **** as their homepage instead of deleting it from the search history like they were trying to do.

#61 YOU read it wrong it never said **** or the actual website for that matter.

mattdaviess 6

You can issue that he was watching ****, it isn't complicated. If you were looking up types of dogs for example, you wouldn't delete your history, what's the point of that.

Its obviously something he wanted removed from the history, doesn't matter if its a MLP wiki or ****, he didn't want anyone to know he was there. And then it was his homepage.

you got it backwards, he was trying to delete something and set it to the home page.

"Amusement park next to the sewage system" - God (the original troller)

For those of you who don't realize, that's the punch line to an old joke referring to how people's "amusement parks" (genitals) are next to/part of the "sewage system" (anus, urethra, what have you).

Well your best bet is to probably set a password on your computer now

Or go to google and set that as the new homepage, then clear history.

You've got to be more careful with your **** viewing. You sound click happy.

ThatFancyPenn 18

I don't see why people don't just use private browsing or incognito windows..

I don't see why people bother clearing their history after they watch ****. If someone went on MY computer and went through my history and got mad at me for watching ****, that'd be ****** up.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

53- I don't think people'd worry about others getting mad at them. I think they worry about people finding out what kind of sick ***** they are.

pwnman 33

But now you can set another website as your homepage

Two different possibilities. 1) Selected set as homepage on a site on accident and someone saw. 2) Accidentally cleared your history when trying to save a site. Sucks either way. Although I think number one isn't one I'd rather have happen.

A third could be that he found that the homepage was changed to something he'd rather not see and the person explained they meant to clear history.