By Anonymous - 28/9/2013 21:28 - New Zealand - Auckland
Today, in a fit of jealousy over my recent muscle growth, my brother told our mom that I've only been going to the gym so I could smoke weed with my friends. She believed him and grounded me. FML
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  starile  |  19

Poor little illiterate pokemon. Just rustle back into the forest and wait for some Bug Catcher to wade into the tall grass. Then smoke it, since OP isn't.


Haha, yes they do. That's actually a more common excuse than you'd think!

Going to the gym, going to the library, taking a walk in the park to enjoy the weather, helping your friends' parents with gardening or cleaning the garage...We had a very fit, literate, nature-appreciative nature-appreciating, helpful community of teenagers when I was growing up.

  MikeonFML  |  17

In a condensed and blunt form of the comment above, teens lie about going to the gym to smoke weed elsewhere. You're correct most don't smoke at the gym itself