By jamalinho - 11/05/2011 17:51 - Bangladesh

Today, I worked 12 long hours cooped up in my office. Before leaving, my boss asked me whether I'll ever take my job seriously. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Start an angry mob protesting your boss with fire and pitchforks.


so what your saying is to work 13 hours a day or more? I mean really? That boss just doesnt appreciate all the hard work op has done...

ceinaworus 0

hmm, I prefer to work smarter, then my boss THINKS I'm working harder : )

saaaalt 4

15- not really.. op could be working millions of hours a day and still do poorly at the job simply because.. more hours more pay.

Yeah, just because he worked for 12 hours doesn't mean it was all serious. He could have been working for 12 hours on a puzzle... or something. Anyway, I'm not taking sides, but his boss sounds more than a little unappreciative, even if it was just a puzzle.

FreshPie: What happened to your old really long comments?

ienjoithinqs 0

He probably wants something else... Doesn't have to be sexual.

enonymous 8

WHOA are you telling me the 12 hours I'm playing angry birds and farmville is not worth the company time??? How dare you sir/ma'am! how dare you

Jaimegirl 7

There's more info needed, we don't know if you aren't messing around the whole time

samadams42 0

maybe shes so off topic it takes her that long to finish the job

OP spends his day jackin off then going to get water, then he runs out of lotion and had to go get some more... It's not that hard guys, come on now we need some common sense

I feel really awkward saying this because I'm straight but #63 I'm pretty sure you have the biggest boobs I have ever seen in my life.

CityCunt 0

indeed! I'm not a big fan of tig ass bitties, but I would not think twice about motor boating them either! bwahahaha

nono. OP needs to say 'when will your wife take your penis seriously?' then he must kick OPs boss in the face and run.

johnson94 5

11, he should definitely do that if he wants to be out of a job.

zach456 0

I agree with 11 violence tends to solve alot in todays society

And if it doesn't solve your problems, you're not using enough of it.

Predental 5

he needs to stop watching **** for 12 hours and start working!

AlwaySunny 0

well of course OP isn't taking his job seriously, if he was really committed he should have worked 13..

I'm sure his boss was just being sarcastic

That's gotta be annoying, but you still have a job!

m0tl3ycru3 0

be grateful for what you have

maybe your boss was joking? just a solution

and if youre unhappy with your job or worried about job security OP, start checking out classifieds and craigslist. it never hurts to know whats out there

55 - you could then say to a homeless person, sure you're on the brink of starvation every day and have no dependable shelter, but it could be worse, you could be in Antarctica.

Maybe your boss whos a robot named GLaDOs is working you over. Shooting portals is hard!

peppermintstick 0

Maybe you should find out if what you're spending time on is what your boss actually wants you to do.

peppermintstick 0

I guess it would. But I would rather put forth effort so I would not get bitched at than wasting my time doing something and then getting complained at.

you should have replied "when are you going to be more noticeable".

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what u need is to win the lottery, that way, the next time he tells you something crappy like that, you shove some dollar bill down his throat !!

jordanalexis97 0

I'd agree that your life sucks, but there's 69 votes on that.

prince122 0

lol I thought I was the only one that notices. I also don't vote at 13 69 666 and 911... you guys toss in more numbers like that.

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He probably saw you doing something stupid