By meantowheels - 21/06/2009 02:29 - United States

Today, while walking in the mall, I had two people race past me in wheelchairs. Thinking they were racing, I started rooting for the one guy that was ahead. Turns out his wheelchair was malfunctioning and the other was chasing after to help. He then slammed and fell into the water fountain. FML
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mclayton37 0

Wheelchair wipeouts are always funny

Lil_Ms_Trble 0

Awfully embarrassing. Poor guys...


mclayton37 0

Wheelchair wipeouts are always funny

true true! haha you shouldve ran after them and ask if they needed a pitstop :D

Jbiebs82 0

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StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

This is unbelievably hilarious.

this is fucking hilarious!! i can just imagine watching this, having the ability to stop it but letting it happen just for the pure enjoyment of seeing a cripple slam into the side of a fountain and fall in.

not the ones ive seen...:o

Shadow1368 17

How would u feel if had to be in a wheelchair and fell in a fountain? not very good. and u definitely wouldn't like people laughing and making fun of u. so please stop being immature. OP- if everyone heard u and was looking at u, that sucks, but your life isn't fucked. f their lives for having to be in a wheelchair and for falling in a fountain. not yours because of that embarrassment.

bfabb 0

They should make an episode of "Wipeout" wheelchair edition.

138, the OP never claimed he was human... Hamster wheelchair racing is the next best sport. I'd watch it.

seventhejellyman 12

they so should

114, did you even read the whole post? He didn't stop them because he thought they were doing it on purpose.

you fucking asshole my parents are in wheelchairs and if my fathers got out of control and he crashed it would kill him one blow to his chest and it would kill him

'Cause why the fuck not?

Why would #114 say something so horrible? That's stupid!

Is anyone selling a sense of humour, because I think #112 needs one!

testing_fml 0

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So, so, so true. I lol'd so hard.

It's not like they would've messed up their legs...

I actually laughed at this on. Then, i said to myself: wow you're an asshole.

Lil_Ms_Trble 0

Awfully embarrassing. Poor guys...

The mall would be the best place to have a wheelchair malfunction. I can't go under 50's! m/ph otherwise my wheelchair will explode. OMG!

Manny_B92 0

Hahahah too funny. What was the name of that movie again? Well the one with the bus...

isn't that movie called "speed"?

crumsnatcha 4

I think it was called 'The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down.'

lawl, epic movie reference FTW and yeah it is called "SPEED"

#31 awesome Homer reference! one of my favorite episodes

manoverboard 0

#31 LMFAO. Simpsons. :D

souljahboysgay 0

ur a fag for using "lawl" genius_man16

damian25 0

haha simpsons reference yay

HAHAA thats so funny that just made my day xD

laurenrejkagfdj 0

That's fucking hilllllllariousssss

SweetestSin 4

I know it's not truly funny but I so fucking LOL'd hard

ChronicFAIL 0

Yea? And what if someone broke a leg? Then what?! XD

TawnyAnarchy 7

Still laughing my ass off, broken leg or not.

slaveowner190461 0

Today, i was on fml and i read this. i laughed fml