It's a coup!

By everythingWASperfect - 13/11/2010 14:43 - Canada

Today, at work, I accidentally walked into a meeting at which the whole company was there but me. The meeting was about how they could legally fire me while paying as little severance as possible. I'm the CEO and the founder of the company. FML
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Maybe you need to change some your staff.

ouch... well if your a founder dont u have ownership and cant b fired?


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OrginalOwen 0

This is why you all ways carry duel Uzis, they come in handy when a room full of people hates you.

it's okay.. there are a lot of pricks in the world.. you just gotta strive to be the best. =)

who done be tryna moderate my comment. the stench of my sack can not be controlled

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sourgirl101 28

Does "wee-woo" mean it's Sirin?

Brent, read the unofficial FAQ. You're probably about thiiiiis close to being banned, friend.

Fortuitous 0

Sirin= Russian Harpy. Whoosh. That's quite insane. *mind blown*

72, my two biggest problems in the world are not enough explosives or alcoholic beverages. Will you marry me? lol

First of all, why call yourself a prick in the first place? Secondly, NEVER, and I mean NEVER call Kay a bitch. I enjoy their insults and comments. In other words, you're an inconsiderate **** who masturbates to Bob Marley.

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I don't know how to insult people. : (

kitkatt978 5

ouch... well if your a founder dont u have ownership and cant b fired?

not if it's a corporation ad he doesn't have majority of voting shares.

Corperations are stupid like that though thats why if I ever have a sucsessful business I'm not going to change it to a corperation.

starberries 0

I don't think you'll have to worry about that.

iSitt 0

he probably gave up his majority shares in exchange for extra funding.

the thing with corporations are if you want to open one you need to be sure to keep 51% of the shares.

Maybe you need to change some your staff.

I agree. You need better staff than your current mutineers OP.

FFML_314 11

Yes, OP should hire crows. Sounds more legit.

Don't give out your email stupid little girl.

why the he'll would you say your email?! NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION TO STRANGERS!!!

Yall are just paranoid! I gave out my personal info and all that happened was a bunch of spam and 42 rapes(: well worth it!

Well aren't you unlucky! I got a message from a widow in Nigeria who needs help moving $15 million out of the country, and she is going to pay me HALF if I help! I just sent her a $4,000 deposit to defray the costs. I'm set for life!

Dude, don't forget us when you are rich!

bamagrl410 31

Doc, your comments never fail to make me laugh. And I must say you have *the* cutest little girl ever.

pcentral 17

#6: do you need blowing? ;)

b_anhero 0

bullshit there are no founders or ceo's on this site. you're an errand boy.

If he said the whole company was there, it's probably a fairly small company. It's not that unrealistic. He's not the ******* CEO of Wal-Mart or IBM.

b_anhero 0

lmao ok, clean version. BS there are no founders nor CEOs on this site. you're an errand boy.

OP, if your name is Steve Jobs, call me after they fire you. I need someone to clean my toilets.

Haha, came here to say "OP is Steve Jobs and I claim my five pounds."

rasellersjr 0

I don't think I'd let him near my toilet. He would end up contracting with AT&T and I would only be allowed to use excrete 2 pound of waste a week, then be charged $10 for every pound over with a 5 pound limit. ...the ******

bigredbullster 0

steve jobs is awesome and will never get fired unless he does something REALLY stupid

yeah, like take something small like an iPhone then make it really big, awkward to carry and have no real business functionalities... if he invented that, I'd want to fire him

isnt it ironic that iPad is killing the notebook market? ;)

even then he won't get fired. apple should know better than to make such a stupid mistake twice.

Steve Jobs got fired from Apple. Then he created Mac. Then they hired him back lol

8, don't you guys ever learn what gets you moderated? It's incredibly sad.

I get moderated and I'm never even being rude :(

From my personal observation, the things that will get people modded are: 1. Comments calling people disgusting, hateful and ignorant slang 2. Comments or jokes implying that a particular FML is fake, and 3. Comments whining about how your FML wasn't posted when you think it's so much better than one that has been posted.

Thank you for your perfect example to my point. As you see, being rude really won't get you moderated.