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By  Cloudy_fml  |  0

#7 ~ Not everyone has the same body type. So even if the shape didn't suit whoever was wearing it in the magazine, that doesn't mean it wouldn't suit anyone.


OP ~ Don't pay attention to that trash. If you like it, wear it!

  wlddog  |  14

Uh... Yeah, body type. Those darn models with two legs and arms look so weird.

How about burn the worthless fashion magazines. They only tell you to buy more garbage. How about you ignore their marketing and you decide what you like and not like all on your own,,, you know,,, like an adult.

(I agree with the last part of your comment)

By  Hannah_fml  |  0

on the other hand, many teenage girls swear by this magazine, and follow it religiously, so whenever she wears this outfit she will probably be mocked. behind her back, if not to her face.

By  PureGold  |  0

I was once mad when I saw one of my favorite shirts in that magazine a few months after I got it cause then everyone else would be buying it x(. And sure enough, now every time I wear it people are like "OMG I have that shirt too!!" Yeah, but I got it to be unique. Ugh.

By  slyvanilla_creme  |  0

i read that things should match and then a couple of years later, not matching was in....trends change but people are unique b/c they are different and have their own style...just rock your style and don't let that change how you live up to media standards...if you like it, that's all that matters...i mean its all relative anyway...what is "in?"