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Today, my son got in trouble at school. The kids had to solve a problem by determining whether it was better for "Edna" to repair or replace her AC unit. He said Edna is an "old person's name" and she was "probably going to die soon anyway", so she shouldn't do either. FML
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Everyone always judges Edna before they get to know her. Poor Edna


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Animekid126 13

My grandmothers name is Edna and she's passed:

tehdarkness 21

Yup! Kids with wit and the ability to think freely will make it far in life!

Ah, those maths questions always use silly names and scenarios. Maybe he'll learn to make a joke but do his work too!

Since billy just had to subtract 3 of 5 chocolate bars.

Since Mary bought 30 watermelons. Why the **** does she need that many?

She bought 30 bottles of vodka as well. Can't you see a frat party in the making?

#30. Maybe Mary is bringing them to a homeless shelter to feed the masses?

I always thought statistics problems were funny.. "If a marble is drawn at random from an urn...". Who puts marbles in an urn?!

tantanpanda 26

even stranger, physics problems. "A picture frame is hung with string one at 15º and string two at 47º. calculate the tension on both strings". like, who would even hang their pictures like that?

relaxedninja 18

Everyone always judges Edna before they get to know her. Poor Edna

DanShowsNoMercy 13

Technically he's right. You should probably punish him though.

why? cuz he made a joke about some stupid word problem. The teacher was probably laughing on the inside.

Glad to see this comment. It was the first thing I thought of when reading the name Edna.

"It can withstand temperatures of up to one thousand degrees. Oh and machine washable darling, that's a new feature." -Edna Mode

Thinking outside the box... should be rewarded.

Very true. Kids today are taught that outside the box thinking is bad. No, not just bad, but ABHORRENT. I think its great your child has not been corrupted yet :)

That isn't thinking out of the box. He was being a smart ass. Besides there is a time and place for innovative thinking. When thinking out of the box is good: Write an essay describing how the government could lower health care costs. When thinking out of the box is not good: What is 2+2?

Shrouds 14

word problems are inherently different. this is a real world scenario and not just simply a 2+2 equation. Edna should call a repairman, woman can't fix stuff is also a valid answer. or maybe Edna is an electrical engineer and can easily fix it herself. no answer is wrong, unless they try to turn the word problem into an equation and they do the math wrong. but if they are not doing the math, everything should be tolerated and maybe explained differently.

Yes those are wrong answers they can easily calculate whether it is cheaper to hire a repairman or to buy a replacement. The student knew what was expected it is a real world aplication of what they learned in class not a generic question that any answer that remotely relates to the question will suffice.

#74: 1. cheaper to hire a repairman, but the device is still old so it won't last much longer anyway, therefore buying a newer one for an extra 30-40 dollars will be better in the long run. 2. The device is a newer one, so replacing it would be more expensive than hiring someone to fix the one you have. 3. the device could still be under warranty, so the company will either fix or replace it for free. 4. Edna sounds like an old persons name, so neither because she will die soon anyway. there is no wrong answer. the only thing that limits you is yourself. this kid is smart. he's definitely going places as long as people like you don't convince him there's only one answer to every problem in the world.

There is wrong answers when it doesn't address the fact that he was required to use the information given to compute which is cheaper. It was a math word problem not an english or science creative solution question. It is people like you who contribute to the decline of society's intellect. I feel my IQ dropping steadily as I read your garbage. What you are coming up with is justifications for not wanting to do the actual work.

nowhere in this fml does it state that it was a math problem. nowhere does it state that the answer is "The one that is cheaper. " We don't know what subject this was in. We don't know the circumstances of the problem or any of the variables that had to be considered. By simply stating "It's a math problem. Stop defending not doing the work, you lazy dumb shit, I'm intellectually superior to everyone here. Bla Bla Bla." you are literally proclaiming either how mentally retreated you are, or how much of a blind sheep you've become in your life because for some reason you only have the ability to think things are either black or white. "The answer is 1, and if you don't think so, you're the reason society doesn't progress." except... What if the answer was actually Zero? what if the answer was actually One and Zero? what if the answer was actually Two? what if there is no true, inarguable, undeniable answer. look up the Bobdole VS Clinton crossword puzzle from a few decades ago. might make you understand what I'm talking about.

danimal_crackerz 26

I agree that he should not have said that, and that if he got a suspension he might regret that, but why is this an FML? Either way, good luck with that and getting him to care more about his studies.

hahaha sry but that's pretty funny, made me laugh

I could never be a teacher cause if a kid said something like that to me I would just laugh and have to resist the urge to tell him that was a great point