By christine brown - 26/08/2011 12:03 - United States

Today, I got suspended for bringing a "hazardous weapon" to school. They were earrings. FML
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jonan1212 5

where the hell do u live?

iAmScrubs 19

Breaking News: Student goes on rampage with a pair of earings and shreds 100 pieces of paper.


jonan1212 5

where the hell do u live?

captianKool 4

Somewhere with sharp earings

then shouldn't pens be more dangerous?

People can't do anything these days without the law (or in this case te school system) getting involved. When I was younger I made a wolverine hand by putting 3 pencils through the gaps in my fingers. The school said I made a weapon and I got I.S.S.

Obviously in Oklahoma. Idiot

Should of obviously planned world domination with these earings, who knows, could work! :D

Uh-oh, the cops are catching on to my underground earring fights...

They're just jealous!

Well I wonder. Did you run around like an idiot too...

Yeah that's what they tell you. The real reason you were suspended is because you were bringing down the GPA average of the school :)

31- if he wants a ninja I'm gonna show him a ninja

you don't happen to be at a juvenile detention center...right?

megamandude455 10

1 apparently op lives in a place whose school principal has a stick so far up their ass that even bringing a ******* 2 inch plastic ******* lego gun gets them in trouble. what the hell is wrong with our ******* school system!?

RainbowHeadache 2

If she lives in a redneck part of Ok in a tiny town I can definitely believe they would do that. The school I went to & several schools around here are the same way.

That's nothing. A girl in my shool got suspended for bringing a nail file to school. WTF was she gonna do? Insanely cut other people's nails off?

RainbowHeadache 2

I was suspended for the last three days of school my Jr year for cutting up a teachers lunch menu into the shape of a heart then giving it to him.

goebsy 8

They must have been ghetto fabulous.

Randuhh_17 4

Someone at my old school made a fake bomb for art class... They left it on the floor, in the commons area, and all hell broke loose. Everyone was evacuated, and police, fire trucks, a swat team, and bomb specialist came to the school. Then BOOM! They realized it was fake. Only, they got expelled, and sent to jail. Just thought you should know.

^Wow talk about an education system fail. This is why Osama didn't go to his art class.

hwitt17 0

I guess the earrings were shaped like little daggers instead of hearts.

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EnEl_Infierno 15

Wtf, suspended for earrings... schools these days just have no common sense, I got caught with a 6 inch hunting knife in my boot, and only got 3 days of in school suspension that's what school's should really be looking out for, the crazy trouble makers like was, not earrings, bandanas, or the little things. Oh and they should also be on the lookout for evil garden gnomes sneaky little bastards.

Hmm I don't blame them I have earrings that look like mini daggers

emmanizzer 6

Well, when you have switchblades for earrings....

Oklahoma makes a great safe word

103 - lol But I'm guessing you didn't watch Black Swan

abdinoor 0

same thing happend to me, but with a laser pointer

Jammy01jams 2

I was going to say someone Gould go on a mass murder with pencils but I like pencils. Someone should go on a mass school murder with tests! Ban tests for possible use as weapon.

apparently where stupid people live, like California, or new York lol. (liberal stupid)

If you have really huge gauges, you could strangle someone...

Someone's been watching final destination

Take out your earrings and threating to poke the principle to death see how she likes it

Take out your earrings and threating to poke the principle to death see how she likes it

If it wasn't funny the first time, what made you wanna say it twice?

Better watch out for those deadly earrings.

or If they were the spike looking gauges they could stab them

Hey dumbfuck my comment posted twice how about you shut your god damn mouth you bitch

You could unplug them and use them as conductors to detonate a bomb who knows?

Blackmail111 9

Unplug an earing? Are we really this far into the future that we are all cyborgs and we plug in earings using USB's?

Firewire actually :o No its usually called 'plugging/unplugging' because the two pieces 'clip' into each other.

Blackmail111 9

Meh I'm not a chick I don't pay attention but seriously Plugging/unplugging I've never heard a chick say that

DawnMarie11 0

I have earrings and I have never heard if 'unplugging' my earrings

See, if I taught physics that would have gotten you bonus points for creativity. But I don't teach, and especially not physics...

Bestt not kill anyone

Bestt think before you comment.

Probably best not to kill anyone either way.

Kill someone? How? "Over 12 students have been visciously poked by the earring wearing maniac."

iAmScrubs 19

Breaking News: Student goes on rampage with a pair of earings and shreds 100 pieces of paper.

On a related note, the OP killed a entire notebook full of paper. What kind of phsyco would do that?

Up Next: Earrings: Innocent Decoration? Or Weapon of Mass Destruction?

KiddNYC1O 20

I might get heat for this and no offense... But am I the only one who thought #5's comment wasn't funny?

101 why would you get heat, everybody has different opinions.

I_Ate_The_Cookie 0

No lol

KiddNYC1O 20

111- True but I was just saying.

iAmScrubs 19

101- That's totally okay with me. People can have different opinions. I try my best with every comment, and if you didn't like it that's okay.

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Kingcc 0

Seriously what school do you go to?

markrs 0

Oh my.

Those school officials r jerks

The earrings could be like huge emo daggers or something and would be dangerous if op took them off and attacked someone :/

I wonder what kind of earrings OP wore to receive that kind of attention... Were they little guns or something?

Yes. She wears guns on her ears.

They makes those now. just saying

30, you've never seen those kind of earrings before? Some schools freak out over something ridiculous like that. Or maybe it was pointy earrings she wore.

uffiewuffie 0

Wtf no they aren't "guns" or "pointy earrings." ALL EARRINGS ARE POINTY.

Not all earrings are pointy but im sure the ones OP was wearing were

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

Maybe she had those brass knuckle earrings

The rod going through the hole, is pointy, jus' sayin'.

I got in trouble for wearing gummy worm earings... Apperantly gummy worms Aren't healthy so I can't wear plastic earrings that look like them. Lol. Schools these days.

meggs2209 0

I went to a school like that.... Apparently headbands could be used to choke people to death.

StopDropNRoll 11

I thunk I could pull that off with a head band

29- well thunk again! The most dangerous article of women's clothing are thongs. They can be used to strangle, as a slingshot, and worst of all, as weapons of mass seduction.

aFatFuck 0

If you're going by that logic then ban all clothing, pencils, pens, food utensils, science lab equipment, anything sharp, anything dull, plastic bags, etc