By me - 04/04/2013 20:07 - United States - Parrish

Today, I told my bald, goatee-sporting chemistry teacher that he looks like Walt from Breaking Bad. I quickly got sent to the principal's office and received a 3-day suspension for "slandering" my teacher by implying that he makes meth. FML
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The school system is bad and it should feel bad!

This is why school boards annoy me. Stuff like this.


The school system is bad and it should feel bad!

What a shitty situation

goddamn school board..

Jesse! We have to cook!

…Walt Junior breakfast.

The school system is Breaking Bad and it should feel Breaking Bad.

Using that logic the man that plays his role should be in prison for making meth.

Jesse... Jesse... Jesse... We play a drinking game where we have a shot every time Walt says his name. If you wanna get plastered I recommend it!

I didn't think it was possible, but Perdix has won the Internet.

75-Doesn't that happen weekly or something?

An I the only one who read that in Zoidberg's voice? Need a better school system? Why not Zoidberg?

It can't be that bad, if they know the show...

uhhh no. his comment was stupid

a little defensive no?

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"I had the style first, dammit!"

This is why school boards annoy me. Stuff like this.

Triangular flapjacks have been banned in some schools because they 'can be dangerous'

You've gotta be careful! Those sharp corners can be hazardous.

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I see that you were trying to reference another FML but it could have been worded better.

Honesty is the best policy!!

I hate teachers with no sense of humor

It's a good thing you didn't make a "finger gun" and point it at somebody. That would have gotten you expelled!

He probably was mad because he really is cooking meth and thought you caught him

My, what a perfectly logical sequence of events...

NickaPLZ 26

FYL, indeed. A small meaningless comment turned into a suspension. That legitimately sucks. I feel your pain.