No pain, no gain

By SailorVenus93 - 26/02/2021 02:01 - United States - Fredericksburg

Today, I woke up with a sore clitoris. I haven't had sex with my boyfriend for weeks, but I did masturbate yesterday. I guess I can't get horny without feeling pain afterwards. FML
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This rubs me the wrong way. I’m cliterally hurt by this.

Please be gentle?


Please be gentle?

This rubs me the wrong way. I’m cliterally hurt by this.

you don't need to beat your clit like a rented mule

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no shit 😆

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Tongues are usually softer than fingers, and you stated you have a boyfriend, so...why not consider alternatives to getting off other than your own hand?

OP also stated they haven't been intimate in weeks, I imagine sleeping with their partner isn't an option which is why they haven't done that.

Trim your finger nails and use lube

You just need more lube. Check an adult store--they've got some good brands. (Or a pharmacy, if you're not into higher-end stuff, but adult stores have a bunch of stuff you can laugh at...)