By Anonymous - 13/07/2013 16:16 - Puerto Rico - San Juan

Today, I was playing Monopoly with my kids. It was fun, and led to some mock fights. My neighbor, who despises me for being a single mother, used it as an excuse to call the cops on me for "abusing" my kids. They were too confused to do anything but nod at the officer's accusing questions. FML
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Your neighbor is an asshole

Soniye 14

Call the cops on your neighbor for invading your privacy what right does your neighbor think they have ?! Spying on you like that


Your neighbor is an asshole

Pwn17 25

Love thy neighbor... Bunch of shit.

As well as ignorant, and judgmental. I hope Op shows she's the better person by just ignoring this jackass. :p

It's hard to ignore her if she sends the cops on you. Imagine what else she's willing to do.

Dawnstempest 17

@ 12 You can love thy neighbor with thine shovel to the back of their head.

He/She is just jealous because they can't play Monopoly. They're probably playing Life by him/herself.

Soniye 14

Call the cops on your neighbor for invading your privacy what right does your neighbor think they have ?! Spying on you like that

or spying on your children. accuse her/him of being a pedophile. that's creepy

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I don't think they were playing together most people don't play family games with the neighbor that despises them

I feel like you didn't read the FML before commenting.

rg350dx 29

Clearly they've never played monopoly, because what game of monopoly doesn't break out in a fist fight eventually?

DKjazz 20

Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Only there's no Get Out of Jail Free Card in the game of Life.

Kallian_fml 21

48- But if you've ever played the game 'Life' you'd know it doesn't have a jail.

52- This life does.

At least they nodded when the cops say "anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law" but still your neighbors a horrible person

I highly doubt the cops arrested the kids--you don't read the Miranda (that's it, right?) Rights unless arresting... I think.

Only if you are going to be taken in to questioned. But most cops do it just to be safe.

What a judgmental douche. People really need to stay out of other people's business these days. I'm sorry OP

Lets hope you had a get out of jail free card.

Let's hope you can use your get out of jail free card. EDIT: 8 beat me to it

Use your "get out of jail card" and bribe the cop with Monopoly money and the Boardwalk/Times Square property.

I'm the third person to suggest the "Get out of jail free card"..... Third time's the charm eh?

The best part is we didn't have a combo breaker

Baha. My sides hurt after reading that.