By Anonymous - 09/02/2015 14:53 - United States - Middleton

Today, I was chased out of my own house by my wife's lover's dog. FML
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It saddens me that actual loyalty seems so hard to come by now.

Your wife is in the doghouse now.


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#27 you don't say?? I wouldn't of ever guessed that

Your wife is in the doghouse now.

Which is right where all bitches belong.

It saddens me that actual loyalty seems so hard to come by now.

Get a dog. They're plenty loyal.

Well the dog was loyal

you like pipe?

You called? It really is sad that people can't be faithful or have the decency to leave .

That dog is a true bro.

You never know, the dog might've been in on it and got mad when interrupted.

goaskdad 3

You need to find your balls and make the lover take the bitch (both of them) home with him. Change the locks and file for divorce on the grounds of adultery. Have kids? She will be liable for child support so her sorry ass will be working instead of screwing around.

You poor thing..

Wow talk about taking liberties in another man's home.

Well guess she's not your wife anymore amiright

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#10: The fuck kinda advice is this? OP just found out his wife is cheating, and got attacked by an animal in his own home. How 'bout some sympathy instead of insulting his manhood further?

#14 it just goes to show what kind of man #10.

#10 you need to feel some compassion it's not OP'S fault his wife is a skank.

I don't think he deserved anything and I certainly feel for him. I just think he should've stood up for himself. Perspectives

I feel for the guy and think it was horrible to have that happen. He didn't say he was attacked by the dog, not a factual statement. Also, I think he will regret not standing up for himself, doesn't make me a bad person to think that.

How is growing weed going to help this situation? I

goaskdad 3

He needs to face the facts and get busy getting her and the dog out of his house. She is obviously a whore and just using him. Downvote all you like, the truth is the truth.

To the ones who think op deserved this, would you mind sharing your reasoning with the rest of us? I'm sorry man, it's hard to find good character these days.

It's very easy to hit YDI by accident and you can't undo it. :(

This happens to me all the time. And then I feel super bad because I'm like your life just sucks, I'm sorry!

He deserved it because he was too much of a pussy to take down a dog.

#69, there's no where near enough information in the FML to make a judgment like that. For all we know it could have been an extremely large and aggressive dog.

Time to get the gun

my thoughts exactly!

How in the fuck is this good advice?

Shooting an animal that's attacking you in your own home doesn't sound like such a bad idea...