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Today, I was looking through my computer's history to find a website I had visited. I found an online forum where my son was discussing how to inject Oxycontin. FML
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Oxycodone is not a form of heroin, and neither is methadone. Methadone is used to give heroin addicts the same feeling as heroin, and the feeling goes away after the first use. Oxycodone is a pain reliever that is one molecule away from being heroin. At least he's not doing Heroin. I've done Oxycodone, and methadone. it's not bad, as in it's not that addicting or fun. If you pm me ill gladly explain to you what to do, and to help.

And how old is that sonny of yours?


ha! looks like someones not watching close enough

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you better warn Michael Jackson not to mess with your son

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MJ is dead. btw your son is stupid. NO OFFENSE

#1 you're the type of people who should never have kids. If the kid has any sort of secret they're a bad parent for not watching enough, whereas if the parent finds out about the secret they're still a bad parent for snooping too much. **** you.

Guess who wants to be a doctor one day! :D

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BTW Your an asshole. Most parents are snoopy around there kids

@71 WTF is ur problem bro #1 didn't even talk shit just simply said that op isn't watching thier kid close enough

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relax #71. #1 didnt say anything like that

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The only real crime that was committed was the OP's son being a retard. You ALWAYS delete browser history when you've been somewhere you don't want leaking out. ALWAYS. Well...that and the whole "injecting Oxycotin" thing. Do do drungs. Stay in school. Wait until marriage. Yadda yadda yadda.

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#58 follow the advice of ur username. And FYL OP

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Do do Drugs? Haha, anyways this does suck. Try to watch him more, but don't get overbearing or he'll be more likely to do drugs more.

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he could be doing a school project and researching for it, however If he was actually part of the convo then he's probably actually doing it

so what is your parenting advice then dr. Phil?

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if he's discussing it, it means he's prob learning HOW. As a former user of OC( never injected tho), I highly recommend having a serious talk with them. I also would make absolute sure he gets new friends, if he's doing it, his friends r too

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I went to highschool with kids like your son. it is pretty sad you had to find out via computer, and I mean sad for him. It's not just pot you know? if you don't know when your son in high on something they give to cancer patients, he must be slipping fast. Put the kid in rehab, it's his only chance.

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your a ****** tool, a 25 year old reborn again Christian running his mouth calling a stranger a bad parent from a snippet of info, you don't know the story, besides what are you saying every drug user's parents are responsible for their habits? not everyone can be brain washed as easily as a re born again Christian

could've been something for school like a blog thing...

yeah, you keep telling yourself that silentsniper

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Just because a parent doesn't recognize that their child is on an opiate, doesn't mean that they are a bad parent, or that they aren't paying attention to their child. There are many ways to hide this addiction, and if your child is a teenager, many parents will attribute sudden changes in behavior to hormones. Sometimes it's not even evident that a person is using until it is too late and they have overdosed. It is very fortunate that you have discovered that there is a potential your son is using, Rehab. Don't alienate him, scold him, or in any way lose his trust. The best thing you can do is express your concern and care for him. I have addicts to opiates in my own family, and they continue using for two reasons... 1) they believe that nobody knows they are doing it, that they are succeeding at hiding it, and 2) because when people did initiate conversation about the subject, they were accusatory and abusive in how they approached it. Please talk to your son about it, overdosing is very common with these things, and if left unchecked, the problem will just escalate. If you don't think that you'll be able to speak to him without losing his trust, I suggest seeing a therapist about the issue, who may be able to give you advice on how to approach the situation. Best of luck, I hope your son doesn't fall as deeply into this as people I know and love have.

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all u people talk way too much sh@t

135- totally agree Its kind of a difficult thing because you don't want to do too much or too little. Also I love Naboo :)

Any secret? Really? No ******* secrets? That's stupid and delusional

And how old is that sonny of yours? don't know? watch an episode or two of intervention.

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It's a powerful pain killer. The less powerful form of it is oxycodone which is what they gave me after I broke my arm. It kicks in pretty fast and is very effective. It's also really addictive.

wow. someone needs to talk to their son more often. but what is oxytocin, anyway?

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they meant oxycotton cause they don't know how to spell. it's a powerful muscle relaxer.

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oxycotin isn't even manufactured anymore. it's oxycodone.

FaithX 0's oxycontin, not oxycotton, genius. Look it up.

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FYL for knowing a lot about drugs? You are ******* retarded. I hope when you get cancer you don't use any kind of anesthesia or painkillers, by the way.

Ummm learning about drugs is part of high school education.

well then, goodness. :( thanks for making me feel bad.

Don't let the interwebz trolls get to you..

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73. well all you need to do to know everything about drugs is take a drug awareness class. tells you everything but how to refine drugs.

ohhh yeah , that was a dumb comment of mine before. it happens though! but peoplee are soo mean sometimes ): poo;

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actually oxycontin is still manufactured it's just very difficult to come by. oxycodone is similar but not the same it's way less powerful. and it's a very powerful painkiller usually prescribed to people with cancer, or possibly spinal surgerys but they might just give em morphine. I've had experience with this shit although I've never taken oxycontin I' have takn oxycodone but was able to quit it easily. wouldn't have been the case with oxycontin. I'm happy to say that I am clean now though :)

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lmao "oxycotton" is incorrect, that's how lil wyte spells it in that stupid "Oxycotton" song. my boyfriend was addicted to oxycotin, roxycodone and heroin last year. oxy's are VERY addictive, anyone who is saying that they aren't obviously hasn't been to a methodone clinic or known people who abuse it. it is still manufactured too, I know a woman who sells her Oxycontin 80's for $45 a piece. it is very bad to inject because it has talc in it, which just floats around in the bloodstream until it attaches to your lungs and collects there. and to the guy who said a kid he knew OD'd on oxy's and "trashed the principals office and spat on a cop" - oxy's make you feel lazy, good and sleepy so its weird that he got so aggressive on them. one of the sure ways to tell if someone is doing oxy's is if they fall asleep randomly and have tiny pupils. track marks will prove someone is injecting it.

Anyone need oxyclean for that oxycotton?

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dude oxy's **** you up... I took them for 3 weeks strait I think they were 20's? I dunno butt I was so itchy and I thought I was bleeding from my ears. lol I went through a rough time with drugs for a few years... it sucks. and oxy's are so easy to find up here... well in my old town... it's the drug capital of Canada. it's a shitty place!

I know many people have gotten aggressive off of oxycontin. My addicted es boyfriend, for example. So I believe "that guy" trashed that office in a heartbeat. Oxycontin is a very strong opiate painkiller.

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I was on oxycontins... never took the other ones

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oxy's are synthetically manufactured heroin. and they will **** U UP

oxycotton sounds like a fabric softener

fyl everyone just needs to shut up plus me!

No, you're completely wrong. firstly, it's oxycontin, second, it's not a muscle relaxer stupid, it's a pain killer

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Oxycontin (oxycodone) is a drug/medicine that is used to relieve pain by changing the ways that the brain and nervous system respond to pain. Kind of like a very strong pain killer. I honestly think OP should find out why their son is looking this up. He either is facing a lot of pain at the moment, or knows someone who is.

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If they're withdrawing from oc then they can be very aggressive. Even if they're ****** up on it they can still be very agitated.

#91. Ok that went a bit too far. Yes there are people who piss me off, but I would never go as far as to wish them the pain of chemo & radiation that I went through.

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Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic medication synthesized from opium-derived thebaine. The slang term hillbilly heroin for OxyContin refers to the occurrence of the "earliest reported cases of Oxycontin abuse" in the U.S. in rural areas.

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yeah, I'm pretty sure most the people on here looked up what it was before they posted

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I'm on it write now ohhh myy god it feels so goooodd lol jkjk maybe he shoots it up his ass crack !

Oxy is a form of heroin, like methodone, used to ween heroin addicts off the drug

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Not exactly, it's a opiate, like Methadone, but it's not specificaly made for getting you off heroin. It's to treat pain. :P

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Someone needs to keep a closer eye on her kids. :/