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By  KiwiBlam  |  4

Calm down everyone, just coz she's slept with more than one guy doesn't mean she's a slut. Don't be jealous just coz she's getting more action than most of you

  deathcab7  |  0

atually last time I used ambient, i thought there was a black hole in the middle of my room. so i tried to jump over it and hit my eye on my bedpost. needless to say , i had a black eye, and this post is true because ambient does creepy stuff to you

  relyo  |  0

You probably just stared into space or watched spongebob all night. Your mom is just using the fact you don't remember as a way to guilt you into confessing what you've done.

  bsalway1212  |  0

you can stay up on ambien and do and say some pretty stupid stuff, but they tell you to take it and go right to bed so I doesn't happen.

though the time I stayed up on it I was telling my boyfriend all about purple unicorns and flying over Tiny villages

  dizzy2327  |  0

fuck I used to pop those it's crazy I get them cuz I have had bad insomnia since birth when I take more then one I don't remember the rest of the night my cuzin told me last time I was chaseing an invisible chiwawa lol

  sals029  |  0

Ambien can make you do crazy shit. It didn't work at all for me. I would lay in bed for hours and nothing would happen. Then when i was in college living in the dorms one night two hours after i had taken it i decided to just get up and watch tv. a half hour in, i literally thought the characters on the tv were flying out and talking to me. I was having conversations with these characters in my room thinking they were real. Then I started throwing up everywhere and I went to go get my friend who lived in the room next to me in the dorms and as i was knocking i tried climbing the door thinking it was a rock climbing wall and started telling my friend that the characters on tv were attacking me and i needed help. I don't remember any of this happening after me turning on the tv. It was all explained to me the next morning by my roommate & friend. Luckily they helped me clean up my puke and put me to bed but that stuff can seriously fuck a person up.

  Sirin_fml  |  46

#13, your comment wasn't moderated; if it was, you'd still see it and it would say so. The comments system is currently experiencing technical problems, and some comments are disappearing. Sorry for the trouble.

  Ajjas013  |  6

Pimpy hoes FTW

By  reichst  |  0

When taking ambien its a good idea to lock yourself in your room. the stuff causes me to see still objects move and causes me to walk like im drunk. it does allow me to sleep though, so the benefits outweigh the side effects... though the side effects can be fun at times lol