By EmbarrassedChild - 30/07/2015 23:24 - United States

Today, I was at the store with my father. As we were leaving, he grabbed a baguette, put it by his crotch, and took a picture with his phone. I'm starting to feel like the parent here. FML
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Penis jokes are ALWAYS funny.

That's when you pretend you aren't with them.. Turn the other way and walk off.


Penis jokes are ALWAYS funny.

People call my penis a joke. I don't think it's funny. :(

I agree. OP, you should be glad you're dad has such a good sense of humor.

Agreed. I would've done that myself.

Maybe he'll grow up someday..

Maybe. As a kid, my siblings and I would do this with cucumbers and run around the aisle wiggling it and saying "willy, willy!". My parents usually found it funny before telling us off XD

#8: I like to play the vegetables too. I'll usually grab my cucumber or zucchini and retreat to a corner aisle to fool around with it. Then I'm threatened with arrest for public indecency.

That's when you pretend you aren't with them.. Turn the other way and walk off.

I remember living with a chef friend who liked to put food to his crotch as a makeshift dong. Then serve it.

Uhh... Did he put it back...? Because you never said he bought it or anything...

He put it back afterwards...

What are you talking about? You don't know him and you've never seen him before in your life

It was either a baguette or a croissant. Now you know what your mother likes.

Just baguette about it.

Bleach your eyes first and then pretend it never happened

Did the picture come out grain-y?