By ceilingssuck - 17/02/2010 20:18 - New Zealand

Today, I noticed that my ceiling was sagging slightly. I got up on to a chair to look at it more closely, and I touched it. Turns out that my ceiling was full of water. It went everywhere, ruining my new iPod, phone, and all the things my daughter bought for university. FML
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if your ceiling is sagging, don't try to mess with it unless you know why it's sagging.


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More like Winner !!!! Get everything electrical that you own and put it in that room, then you can claim it all on your home owners insurance. Even the stuff that still works!

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@18 I totally friggin did that before! it works!!! lol

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I and I purposly wrecked some ugly ass cloths and shit that were nice brand names they cover like everything! ahaha and groceries. cause it was in the storage/cold room in the basement where it flooded at my place. needless to say got everything plus wayyyy more! hahah

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it's funny that one of the main things you're worried about, is your iPhone

I want to say YDI but I would have done the same thing. Bubbles are irresistible. Oh hell, YDI and I would have too.

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You guys do realize that if you claim anything on insurance your rates go up dont you??? That means that if you claim $100 worth of stuff, yea you get $100 worth of new stuff but they really arent paying for that, YOU ARE plus interest..... They just add a little to your bill but that small amount over time is going to come out to more than what you claimed...... So guys, i might not have great grammar or spelling, but at least im not soo stupid as to pay $150 for $100 worth of junk..... OP, maybe your house is worth more than the ipod??? Cause i think you can pick 'em up at walmart for $200 or so..... FYL, not because of the ipod or phone, but because your too busy to worry about your house and, potentially, the health and safety of the residents....

Osnap EPIC PWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@23 Not only are you incredibly illiterate, as indicated by the way you type, you are also extremely stupid. I've read many of your posts on this site and can honestly say that you are lowering everyone's intelligence. Please smash your computer and/or iPod touch and forget that this site even existed. You would be doing us all a HUGE favor. Bye.

you ****** idiot wut were u doing ****** around up there

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Were your sons Porno mags up there too?Jw. that's where my stash is D: !

Ceiling on the ground, ceiling on the ground. ya lookin like a fool with your ceiling on the ground. Don't sag.

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you need to focus on the bigger problem here: your CEILING is FULL of WATER. not that it damaged your precious iPod.

no the ceiling WAS full of water. now it isn't XD

@ 31, the op never said that it was an iPhone. learn to read dumbass. @ 86, you are a ******* genious.

@schwinn11, that is the BEST idea ever! @OP, go get some of your useless crap like old electronics and drop them in that pile of busted electronics! Also, if you are renting the house, that is not your problem at all. Leave it to the landlord. If you own the house, and have horrible drainage, piping, etc. YDI for not getting the house inspected when you moved in.

haha you disturbed the surface tension of liquid eh!!!

No... She just ruptured the thin layer of the ceiling that was trapping the water.

if your ceiling is sagging, don't try to mess with it unless you know why it's sagging.

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Just imagine tens of 1000s of tiny spiders collapsing on you and invading every square of your body. YUUUM!

It was upstairs on the floor because she got on a chair and touched it.

I know... thanks for killing the abrupt absurdity of my comment.

How do you know it was upstairs, though, is what I'm curious about. Are there no longer options of having one story houses? Also, who leaves an iPod on the floor? I mean, they're not the greatest piece of technology in my opinion, but they aren't the cheapest, and from what I figure it'd be a pain to have to buy a new one. It could have easily been stepped on as well. Actually, that would have been ironic--if the iPod still worked after the ceiling pissed all over it, but then got stepped on out of ignorance.

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why was his iPod right underneath it in the first place

Why was her ipod under the ceiling??? Did you really just ask that???

ONCE AGAIN. maybe op had it in thier POCKET??? Yes??? No??? w/e I give up on you guys -_- lol sry that was mean XD

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my friend dropped one in a water proof case down a lake, the lake was over 100 ft deep. it's still there free iPod!!!!!

hahaha prodding turned to paddling. leave it alone if it looks like something is out of the ordinary

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Sometimes ceilings have to piss, too.

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Your ceiling threw up on you. YDI for ******** in the kitchen you ******* barbarian.