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By Julieworld - 24/04/2020 08:00

Today, I was able to find the Facebook profile of my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, for whom he left me for. I had been curious about who she was, and when I zoomed in on her profile pic of them together, I noticed she was wearing the ring he'd got me for Christmas and that I'd given back to him. FML
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clover1983 12

I would definitely stop doing that. It’s creepy as ****.

You gave the ring back, so what's the problem?


You gave the ring back, so what's the problem?

Julieworld 9

I gave it back because I didn’t wanna be reminded of him. The problem was that he cheated on me and hurt me.

you don't want to be reminded of him yet you stalk his girlfriend (and I'm assuming him too) on social media...YDI

You gave the ring back to not be reminded of him, then perhaps you should also try to forget the pair of them and not stalk their FB accounts? OK it sucks to be dumped hurtfully, but you can't blame him for giving the ring to his new GF, or her for wearing it. If you didn't want anyone else to enjoy it you could have thrown it in a river.

You don't want to be reminded of him so you stalk him on FB? Way to shoot yourself in the foot

Maybe also stop stalking them on FB. What the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve after.

If you gave it back to him then it’s his again. And he can do whatever he likes with it. Judgement Call: I wouldn’t suggest it though: you can MAKE SURE she knows about the ring.

Julieworld 9

Excactly, it's none of her business. I definitely would not want my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's ring though so F the new girlfriend's life.

"for whom he left me for?" Your ex-boyfriend is a grammar Nazi, I suppose?

bloopaloop 27

You should keep in touch with both of them about things like this. It’s a friendly thing to do and make you feel better about everything.

I’d say FHL (**** Her Life) she got what he chose for another one.

clover1983 12

I would definitely stop doing that. It’s creepy as ****.

Julieworld 9

I did it once to see what she looked like ,calm down

You gave the ring back and he used it for someone else. I don't see a problem with this.

she says she gave it back because she didn't want to be reminded of him. yet she's stalking him and the new girlfriend on social media 🙄

Julieworld 9

I looked at their picture once ,calm down lol I’m sure you clicked on someone else’s profile too. Are you a stalker too?

Wow people just don’t get it! Sorry you atre getting beat up on here. Your behavior and reaction is perfectly normal.

lifeis4me 20

I think this FML is more for the new gf who got a hand-me-down ring

bl3ur0z3 17

So your FML is that your ex doesn't love the girl he's with enough to get her a ring of her own? That she's got your leftovers, the guy and the ring you have no uses for?

Why would you do that?, remember, ignorance is bliss, specially with exes