By buzzzzkill - United States
Today, I got home from work, and saw a note on the counter my roomate left saying "Sorry about the basement." I then went into the basement, and found that it was flooded. My TV, Xbox360, mini-fridge, and couch were all destroyed. Good thing he tried to stop the leak with scotch tape. FML
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  Intoxicunt  |  5

#44 is either a troll or very jealous, because I obviously got a ton of compliments for that. Not to mention the fact he got buried. Haha, you lose, #44.


That sucks. I'm from Tallahassee. Capital city! Is Tennessee bad because of all of the country folk? Because that's like 90% of what is here too.

P.S. I just realized we could have said these things over the private message feature. Message me sometime if you want. Hope you get to come home soon :)

By  tddygrmlov  |  0

Holy crap I would kill that man. Seriously, light his hair on fire and throw him down the stairs, and as he drowns in the flooded basement of dispare, throw down the things he loves so that he might drown in his tears as well.

  TheTruth1428  |  0

I agree. Your life sucks, but you most likely picked that roommate meaning you should have known what kind of person he was and what he would do in certain situations.