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  Demonfish  |  36

Well, seeing as you asked: waking up to a random guy screaming the lion sleeps tonight, in a banana suit, while furiously masterbating. That would be pretty damn creepy.

  Danielle7994  |  42

Oh 18, I get it lol. At first I was like "...What the hell made you think of porn?". But after reading it more than once and then remembering how perverted Quagmire is, I was like "Ahh... I see how that's relevent to 12's proposal."

By  PiNkMoOn  |  21

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  RedPillSucks  |  36

Either massaging someones foot, or someone using their feet to give you a blow job. I'm afraid to use google or urban dictionary after the "blue waffles", "2 girls, one cup", and "two men, one horse" incidents.

  CrissyyyS2  |  36

^comment was for 55 : thought since you knew what a blue waffle was... Maybe you'd know what a spotted dick was. Yes yes... It sounds really... It's just a dish.

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