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  GAJones4221  |  10

It's not just the urine. not the OP here but I work in one as well. These people normally only shower a few times a week. 3 max. That's sweat as well and with the elderly female atleast as a male CNA sometimes they won't even let you clean the peri area. Honestly I can relate to what the OP is saying, I don't know their particular smells but we know who is going to or at least I do. You can smell it at the door way most of the time, it's not that we don't do our job it's that alot of times they get angry cause they no longer have their independence to do this themselves, so it can smell putrid , op is not in "The wrong business" needs to be reported to a nurse so someone can check for stuff like a UTI.

By  kowsee  |  22

That's pretty impressive. I can only imagine how much they appreciate you doing your job as well as you do though! Unfortunately times of realization like that do make for a saddening moment. Huggg