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Today, I lost my patience and asked the deadbeat I loaned money to last year to please pay up. His response: "Blow me." No thanks, dad. FML
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your response: "you'll have to pay me for that, too."

Unfortunately some fathers are like that to that children, I hope yours was joking


Unfortunately some fathers are like that to that children, I hope yours was joking

Look on the bright side, At least he wasn't watching a hardcore **** video with you when he said it?

At least it wasn't a cactus he was asking you to blow

Ouch OP. Sounds like you're not getting that money back any time soon.

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Unless of course... Well... Nevermind...

27, that is just wrong on so many levels...

Yeah Gauss, way to be insensitive. FML is a place of recreation for humans and scorpions alike!

you should totally rock him like a hurricane

your response: "you'll have to pay me for that, too."

I ******* hate when I become a gardening tool. It occurs to me you may have meant "ho" which is short for hooker?

Hooker is actually short for prostitute-- wait..

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Can he pay you in gum? No one ever pays me in gum :(

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This is not relevant but..wigan beat mancity #44 :-P

Never loan money to family members. I leaned it never works out in the end.

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11- I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. Sometimes it is just better to let typos slide.

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That wasn’t a failure, it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

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31- I actually did notice it, and I was happy when I saw that he rightly corrected his typing error.

31, I disagree. Even though you may have missed it, someone else would've noticed it eventually. With all the people on this site, it's just a matter of time before someone does.

There's one solution.... Time to tell mom

Sorry, you just failed kindergarten. No one likes a tattletale.

sexyboi1985 27

Is stealing an option for you ? Or maybe you can sell his stuff behind him. What about a garage sale of his things? Oh wait, does he own anything at all ?

Didn't he help pay for things for you in the past? Or at least donate his chromosomes to help make the zygote that is you? He can't or won't pay you back. Just drop it. Tell him you're square with each other, but you can't afford to lend him any more money.

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sorry no that doesnt cut it. op deserves their money back if it was agreed that it was a loan. being a sperm donar doesnt let you off scott free and with an attitude like that i doubt he did much for op after the donating part.

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Money ruins so many things; families, friendships, marriages, and the ******* your dad was planning to pay that hooker for.